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September 19, 2019 | 3 minute read
Steve Olenski
Master Principal Sales Architect
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As you’ve probably heard by now, there was an announcement made at Oracle OpenWorld, and not just any announcement. On the contrary, this was a biggie.

Dubbed “Redwood,” it is the name for Oracle’s next-generation user experience across product and marketing. It refers to a broad array of touchpoints and building blocks that will transform how the world experiences Oracle, from product to brand—including our look and feel, interaction design, UI platform, website, and customer stories. 

Oracle is moving from being a product-based company to being a service provider hyper-focused on customer success. We are examining everything inside our company— processes, systems, customer feedback, product development, sales, and marketing—in order to better understand our customers and service their needs.

In fact, all of the new things you’ll see at Oracle OpenWorld are about elevating customer success.

The transformation of both the customer AND employee experiences is only possible with Oracle Cloud. With our platform, we are reimagining the possible and delivering exceptional customer and employee experiences that increase satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty.

Roll with the Changes

Oracle has always focused on helping our customers unlock new value and achieve new possibilities. The difference between what we do today and what we did 10, 20, and even 30 years ago, is based on our customers' constant shifting needs and expectations.

Today, our customers expect Oracle to provide them not just a product, but a service and to stay ahead of their aforementioned ever-changing expectations. To make this a reality, we have had to transform our business and reimagine the experience we deliver our customers from end to end.

“Our mission is to help people see data in new ways, discover insights, unlock endless possibilities.”

The above is Oracle’s new mission statement AND it’s meant to help everyone understand the impact our work can have on our customers’ ability to make real change in the world.

And speaking of keeping it real, I spoke with Catherine Blackmore, Group Vice President of North America Customer Success at Oracle, about all the changes at Oracle. I asked her to describe, in as few words as possible, how her group ties into all the changes. Her very succinct and straight to the point response was: “We are the team that can help make it real for customers. We are the fulfillment on the promise of Redwood.”

It’s More than Just Technology

Oracle offers the most powerful SaaS solutions that can help companies realize the outcomes they need to stay competitive and drive results. But, as Blackmore reminds us, realizing value in the cloud requires more than technology. “It also requires a transformation in organizational processes and culture—a new future-facing, innovation-focused, change-willing mindset.”

That’s why so many companies rely on Oracle, including Zebra, a leading provider of products, software and services that intelligently connect people, assets and data. Sally-Anne Schmick, Zebra’s Global Social Media Strategy, says Oracle’s Customer Success-Business Advisory Services, delivered by their Customer Success Manager (CSM), helps them achieve meaningful business outcomes. “Our CSM is an extension of our team who knows our business and understands what’s important to us.”

To go from a product-driven company to one focused squarely on customer success means more than just working with a customer, it means being their trusted advisor and confidant. It means being an always-on service, not bound by a project or statement of work.

“This means we stay tightly connected to changes in your objectives, challenges, and organizational shifts,” says Blackmore.  

As for what lies ahead…  

It’s a very exciting time to be at Oracle. In a service-oriented world, organizations are being asked to continuously deliver exceptional experiences, staying ahead of ever-changing expectations.

And that is precisely what we’re doing.


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Steve Olenski

Master Principal Sales Architect

Nicknamed “The CMO Whisperer” by the former CMO of Walmart, Steve Olenski is truly in rarified air for he has achieved an unrivaled respect and trust among those in the c-suite. Steve is also among the world’s most influential journalists and writers having written for many leading publications for over 10 years including Advertising Age, Adweek, Business Insider and Forbes.

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