How to Leverage Display Ad Optimization

November 15, 2019 | 4 minute read
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Consumer Expectations for Relevant Advertising

As we move towards more advanced and targeted advertising, it has become increasingly crucial for digital marketers to serve customers personalized, relevant content to not only improve overall site engagement and reduce bounce rate, but to also foster brand loyalty. In a world where consumers can have anything delivered to their doorstep the same day, it’s no surprise that visitors are now expecting content that is tailored to fit their interests as opposed to a one-size-fits-all model that blindly serves generic content to all visitors. It’s critical for marketers to use the data collected on their visitors to provide personalized experiences across the board that are tailored to fit users’ needs and interests.

Personalizing the User Journey

So, we know that it’s important to engage visitors with personalized advertising, but how does one go about accomplishing that? There are several different approaches to take, but we’ll focus on display ad optimization in this blog post. Display ad optimization allows you to customize visitor experiences on your website based on specific display ads that have been served, and Oracle Maxymiser’s display ad optimization feature can help take your testing program to the next level. Here are some added benefits of leveraging this feature: 

  1. Ability to personalize the site experience based on the ad a visitor was exposed to by showing consistent messaging and branding
  2. Option to filter your campaign performance reports to determine whether certain campaigns perform better among those who were shown a specific display ad
  3. Power to unlock important segments in campaign insights to further refine and target your campaigns
  4. Capability to test specific user journeys or destination pages from each display ad

Getting Started

To get started with this feature in Oracle Maxymiser, simply place a tracking pixel on your display ad to connect to Maxymiser’s campaigns. At the time the ad is seen by the web user, the pixel fires and Oracle Maxymiser stores the tracking pixel values in a 3rd party cookie. Then, when the web user lands on your site, his or her customer profile will be updated with the value from the 3rd party cookie. The user can then be targeted based on his/her customer profile and you can look at the user’s conversions and engagements within the Oracle Maxymiser UI. The best part? A user doesn’t even have to engage with the display ad for the cookie to be stored, and Oracle Maxymiser will still be able to store information on the user.

You can use this 3rd party cookie to create custom attributes that identify whether or not visitors have been exposed to specific display ad campaigns. Based on the custom attribute values, you can then filter your reporting to gauge user behavior based on the display ads they were served, or to set up campaign targeting to continue your personalization efforts. Having trouble determining what this would look like? Picture this:

You’re an ecommerce retailor and you’re running a Black Friday display ad campaign that contains limited time offer messaging, and you want users to keep the limited time offer top of mind once landing on your site, even if they haven’t landed there directly from your display ad campaign. By using Oracle Maxymiser’s tracking pixels in your display ads, information about the offer will be stored, and upon arriving on your landing page, you can use Maxymiser to personalize the content with the same limited time offer messaging. Because of Oracle Maxymiser’s robust testing capabilities, you don’t need to waste time or resources building out new personalized landing pages, instead you can set up dynamic content to pull in consistent limited time offer messaging, creating a customized experience for your visitors. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have the ability to filter your report and compare performance between those who were exposed to the display ad versus those who were not, those who engaged with specific offers, or how different offers resonated with different segments.

What Now?

By incorporating display ad optimization into your Oracle Maxymiser testing program, you’ll enable your organization to further refine and identify key visitor insights, as well as target future campaigns. You’ll unlock the power of personalization and consistent messaging in order to grow with an everchanging marketplace, and learn how to continue to tailor your customer experiences to meet their needs, shortening the path to conversion. Personalization is now the expectation, and with Oracle Maxymiser’s Display Ad optimization, you can serve your visitors the right content, in the right place, at the right time. If you’re unsure of how to incorporate this feature into your current testing program or want ideas to get started, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Oracle Maxymiser Consulting team!


Want to learn more about how the Oracle Maxymiser Consulting team can take your optimization program to new heights?  The Oracle Maxymiser Consulting team is made up of passionate strategists, designers, developers, quality assurance professionals,  trainers, analysts, and platform experts. We’re excited to understand your business needs and work with you to drive ROI.

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Isabelle Emmons

Isabelle Emmons is a Senior Consultant for the Oracle Maxymiser Professional Services team with experience working in the Travel and Financial Services industry verticals. While with Oracle, she has had the opportunity to help with the optimization strategy and execution for some of the largest global brands, leveraging Oracle Maxymiser’s best-in-class platform and professional services.

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