3 ways to gamify your loyalty program with Oracle CrowdTwist

October 13, 2021 | 6 minute read
Rosanna Tirrito
Director, Product Strategy & Success, Oracle CrowdTwist
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To maintain engagement with customers between purchases, many leading brands are now leveraging gamification, the application of game-playing elements to nongame environments.

Introducing gamification activities into loyalty programs helps drive program participation and motivates customers to take valuable actions, such as writing reviews and completing surveys. Brands benefit from learning more about their customers’ behaviors and preferences, while customers reap the rewards earned.

Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement is a leading multi-channel loyalty program provider, helping brands deepen relationships with customers through spend and engagement. We offer several game mechanics that incentivize and reward customers for their brand interactions.

In this article, we’ll examine how to leverage the Oracle CrowdTwist platform to create a fun gamified experience for your loyalty members.

1. Award loyalty program points for spend and engagement

A points economy provides the foundation and underlying currency for loyalty programs. Points are assigned to all transactional and engagement-related activities, and their weight depends on the value and frequency of the action. Points-based programs are typically easy to participate in, keeping members motivated to earn.

There are two ways in which members can earn points in an Oracle CrowdTwist loyalty program: spend and engagement.

When rewarding members for spending, the Oracle CrowdTwist platform allows clients to establish a baseline point-per-dollar conversion rate for commerce transactions. Transactional multiplier rules based on tender and transaction types can then be layered in to customize reward opportunities further. For example, consider offering 4x points to customers who pay with a brand’s private label credit card.

CrowdTwist Points Conversion

Brands can also assign point values to engagement-related activities, but on an individual basis. For example, a one-time survey should be worth a higher point value than a daily login, which loyalty members can complete every day.

Oracle CrowdTwist offers nine varying frequency caps (daily, weekly, monthly, and lifetime) across all purchase and engagement activities, providing flexibility for all program types.

Oracle CrowdTwist Frequency Caps

2. Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement out-of-the-box activities

Activities allow CrowdTwist clients to incentivize and collect actionable data from customers at every touchpoint. The platform tracks a variety of engagement behaviors, including referrals, reading or watching content, connecting socially, entering a code, and taking a survey, poll, or quiz.

CrowdTwist offers four primary activities native to our platform that boost audience engagement and drive loyalty through gamification:

  • Code Redemption
  • Surveys
  • Polls
  • Quizzes

Each feature has its own self-service tool and the option of a customer-facing widget and/or corresponding APIs for integration.

Code Redemption is designed to award points to users who redeem a code value within the loyalty dashboard. It drives acquisition and incentivizes members to log in after completing external actions, such as attending events or following brands on social media. The Oracle CrowdTwist platform provides the opportunity to create standalone or grouped code redemption campaigns.

Foot Locker and Tarte examples
Client Examples: Foot Locker prints unique codes worth varying point values to be distributed to "FLX" loyalty members in store and redeemed within the program dashboard. Cosmetics brand Tarte created an Instagram Story scavenger hunt that prompted members to find a secret code to be redeemed within their loyalty dashboard for a free reward.


Surveys allow brands to gather first-party preferences and insights from their loyalty member bases. They can be built with three different types of responses:

  • Free Response: Allows members to give a detailed answer in their own words.
  • Multi-Select: Members pick all options that apply.
  • Single-Select: Members pick one answer.

Marketers can then leverage survey responses to create personalized customer journeys and more targeted marketing efforts.

Nutrena Plaid Perks program
Client Example: Cargill “Nutrena Plaid Perks” uses surveys as part of their onboarding journey to better understand a member’s relationship with the brand today.


Polls record loyalty member opinions or votes on a specific topic. Members can see real-time poll results after submitting their responses, and the Oracle CrowdTwist platform offers several ways to share this information with them, including:

  • A simple success message.
  • A chart of results (horizontal bar, vertical bar, or pie).
  • An option to show percentage labels on the chart.
Vitamix rewards program
Client Example: Vitamix leveraged a poll within their rewards program to glean which benefits members were most excited about in 2021. They then shared the final results with all members in a monthly recap email.


Quizzes increase engagement by testing members’ knowledge across brand-related content or fun, seasonal trivia questions. A quiz can have any number of multi-select and single-select questions.

There are three different grading and awarding strategies:

  • Answer all correctly.
  • Answer a certain number of questions correctly.
  • Complete the quiz.

Quiz example

3. Create brand-integrated custom engagement activities for your loyalty program

In addition to out-of-the-box engagement activities, the Oracle CrowdTwist platform also provides flexibility for clients to create unique custom activities based on their brand's content and engagement opportunities. Activities can be credited via direct integration between the client and CrowdTwist, leveraging our API library, batch file transfer, or JavaScript tag. 

CrowdTwist also offers a “point-on-click” option for actions that aren't easily tracked via an integration. In these cases, points are awarded when a member clicks on an activity icon and is directed to a specific webpage or video.

Sleep Number "Inner Circle Rewards"
Client Example: Sleep Number "Inner Circle Rewards"


After purchasing a Sleep Number bed, loyalty members are incentivized to complete various engaging sleep-related activities that help keep the brand top of mind. All brand-related content and surveys, such as the “Take the Pillowfit Quiz” and “How To Find The Right Sheet,” are hosted on Sleep Number’s website, leveraging Oracle CrowdTwist to track and incentivize for engagement.

Using the data collected from these activities, Sleep Number can personalize the customer experience and target members with relevant communications and promotions. They’re also able to identify their brand advocates and surprise and delight them with rewards and points.

Strengthen customer relationships with loyalty program gamification

When you support these gamification tactics with the right rewards mix for your customers, they’ll be motivated to complete more activities, earn more points, and make more redemptions. And the more active your customers are with your loyalty program, the easier it will be for you to retain, engage, and create stronger relationships with them.

To learn more about Oracle CrowdTwist, take the quick product tour below or check out some of our clients’ award-winning programs.

Oracle CrowdTwist product tour


Rosanna Tirrito

Director, Product Strategy & Success, Oracle CrowdTwist

Rosanna Tirrito joined Oracle after the 2019 acquisition of CrowdTwist, where she was one of the first employees hired. She has 12+ years of senior client service leadership experience. Prior to the acquisition, she was responsible for managing relationships with all CrowdTwist clients and leading a team of account managers through client onboarding and day-to-day operations. Rosanna's new focus within Oracle is to drive global enablement of loyalty implementation, cultivate customer advocates and devise industry best practices. She previously held positions at Clear Channel and SonyBMG.

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