For Great Video, Focus on Audio Quality

September 15, 2019 | 1 minute read
Srijana Angdembey
Director of Social Marketing at Oracle
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Welcome to episode 4 of On the Fly, our video series with small bites (two mins or less) of marketing advice and training from marketing experts—delivered while they are on the road, at the airport, or traveling somewhere. This week’s featured guest is Christopher Penn, co-founder and Chief Data Scientist of Chris is an authority on digital marketing and marketing technology and a recognized thought leader, author, and speaker. 

In episode 2 of On the Fly, Zontee Houshared with us the importance of using video as a digital marketing tool and tips to master video content. This week, Christopher Penn reminds us not to disregard the quality of audio while creating your video.  

Make audio as good as you can make it, Chris says, because while people will tolerate less than perfect image quality, but they very rarely tolerate poor sound quality. There is some science behind this. Our limbic systems are designed to pay attention to as many of our senses as possible. When you have no sound, there's less to pay attention to. So, make sure that the investment on audio is equal to or better than the investment in the video quality if you want grab people’s attention.

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Also, don’t miss Christopher Penn’s article Performance with Analytics Requires People, Process, and Platformin our Influencer Series. Analytics will be an even bigger part of marketing in the future and marketers need to commit 

Srijana Angdembey

Director of Social Marketing at Oracle

Srijana drives Social Media strategy for Oracle Marketing Cloud. In her role, she manages the Oracle Marketing Cloud social channels and the Modern Marketing Blog.

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