Data in Action: A Digital Analytics Checklist

March 6, 2020 | 2 minute read
Michael Azrikan
Digital Campaign Manager
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Digital analytics give insights into customer behaviors, preferences, and interests. They allow you to see how your marketing is performing and what customers are responding to, which will inform how you tweak and optimize your current campaigns and plan your future ones. Taking action on your data is what makes for more impactful and successful marketing.

Look at these five types of analytics to help you set goals for your campaign. Check off each one after you have used it to gauge how effective your marketing is:

Business Metrics –

  • The biggest question: how many conversions did you help make?
  • What is your marketing’s ROI for your business?

Website Traffic –

  • How many visitors are you getting to your website, blog, and landing pages?
  • What is the total number of visitors, and how many are new and how many are returning visitors?
  • How many visits (also called sessions) does your page get and in what timeframe?
  • What pages (and blogs) are they viewing? On average, how long are they staying on the page?
  • How many pages does a visitor tend to view in one session on average?
  • What links are they clicking on, and what content are they downloading?
  • Where are the visitors coming from? Are they on the page due to Organic Search, are they direct visitors, referrals (after clicking a link on another site) or came as a result of social?
  • What are your most visited pages?
  • What is your exit rate and what is your bounce rate? At what pages do visitors leave you and how many depart after only looking at one page?

Email –

  • What is your open rate?
  • Your click-through rate?
  • Who is opening your emails, which emails are they opening, and what are they clicking through on?
  • What devices are customers using to open your emails?
  • What is your bounce rate? How much email isn’t reaching customer inboxes?
  • What is your unsubscribe rate?
  • What is your spam rate?
  • How many contacts you have in your database?
  • How many subscribers do you have to your email communications and newsletter(s)?

Social Media –

  • How many followers do you have on each of your social media accounts? 
  • How often do they like, comment on, and share your content?  
  • What do they like, comment on, and share? 
  • How much traffic does social send to your website, landing pages, and blog?

Paid Advertising –

  • How many impressions does an ad get? What about per campaign?
  • What is each ad (and campaign)’s cost per click?
  • How many click throughs are you getting, and what is the click-through rate? 


Find out more about putting data into action and achieving results with our digital analytics guide, "Go Further with Digital Analytics."

Michael Azrikan

Digital Campaign Manager

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