Content Planning: Advice from Oracle’s Global Digital Marketing Agency [with on-demand webinar]

July 12, 2022 | 5 minute read
Nick Cantu
Creative Director for Creative Services, Oracle Marketing Consulting
Kelly Moran
Senior Art Director for Copy, Oracle Marketing Consulting
Ana Jablonski
Senior Strategist
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If it’s not in the plan, then it typically doesn’t happen. And if it does happen, then corners have been cut and sacrifices made. That’s a harsh reality, especially with today’s lean digital marketing teams. That’s why, when working with our Oracle Marketing Consulting clients, we take an expansive view of content planning.

How expansive? When doing content planning, we think you should be able to answer the following six questions:

1. What are all of my sources of potential content?

Before contemplating creating any new content, audit your existing content. Build a content matrix and slot in all of the content you have, determining along the way what’s useful and what isn’t.