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November 28, 2023 | 6 minute read
Lauren Gannon
Vice President of Agency Services, Oracle Digital Experience Agency
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Digital marketing awards highlight the very best work being done in the industry. In recent years, Oracle Digital Experience Agency (formerly Oracle Marketing Consulting) has helped its clients win more than 50 awards.

Most recently, our work with Xumo TV, Xfinity, and Lands’ End earned four MarCom Awards, three W3 Awards and an MediaPost Email Insider Award. Check out the campaigns that wowed the judges.

Xumo TV Engagement Program

MediaPost Email Insider Award - Entertainment Category 
W3 Award - Gold
MarCom Award - Honorable Mention

To roll out an exciting new lightning-fast and streaming operating system, Xumo TV (formally known as XClass TV) tapped the services of Oracle Digital Experience Agency to bolster product awareness and build out the brand’s identity. 

Oracle not only produced fresh, standalone content to highlight movies, new show releases, sports and more, but grabbed the attention of customers with a personalized engagement program—highlighting the many great benefits and offerings of the new smart TV.

See the winning campaigns →

Xumo TV engagement program campaign

Xfinity Mobile Promotions

MarCom Award - Platinum
W3 Award - Silver

The relationship you have with your phone and mobile service can make or break your day. In lockstep with Xfinity Mobile’s rapid growth, it’s important that we’re able to provide the right info and opportunities to each customer through frequent, personalized sends, while also building excitement around major moments and singular messages. 

With that in mind, Oracle Digital Experience Agency developed a library of flexible content that enabled a high volume of business-as-usual sends and opened up new opportunities to make a splash with specialized ad hoc campaigns.

See the winning campaigns →

Xfinity Mobile Promotions campaigns

Xfinity Entertainment Newsletter

MarCom Award - Gold

Great entertainment inspires bright, bold creative. For Xfinity's monthly newsletter—which highlights just that—Oracle Digital Experience Agency delivers impactful, curated content to keep customers engaged, plus the personalized experience entertainment‑fans deserve. From highly anticipated new releases to classic favorites, each targeted campaign is tailored to spark excitement and stand out from the inbox.

See the winning campaigns →

Xfinity Entertainment Newsletter campaigns

Lands’ End Mystery Sales

W3 Award - Silver

Lands’ End leveraged Oracle Digital Experience Agency to optimize performance and improve campaign click rates after 45% of their email audience enabled Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection, severely impacting open data reporting across their mailable universe and making inactivity management challenging. 

Our Strategic Services and Creative Services teams started with a single campaign as a proof of concept, delivering a refreshed approach on industry best practices—plus, a new style, tone, and voice to accompany the brand’s Mystery Sale promotion.

As a result of the consultation and campaign refresh, Lands’ End recorded a 28% increase in revenue per email, plus a 64% increase in unique click-through rate and a statistically significant lift across all other performance indicators.

See the winning campaigns →

Lands' End Mystery Sales campaigns

Our Trophy Shelves

Oracle Digital Experience Agency’s team of creatives, strategists, data scientists, and technologists is devoted to making our clients’ brands stand out. Here’s a full list of recent awards that have recognized our talent and efforts as we’ve strived to create delightful and wildly effective brand experiences.

W3 Awards

2023 Xumo TV Engagement Program – Gold 
2023 Xfinity Mobile Promotions – Silver
2023 Lands’ End Mystery Sales – Silver

2022 Bank of the West Design System – Silver
2022 Xfinity Flex Tokyo Olympics Flex – Silver
2022 Discover Student Loans Peak Program – Silver

2021 Xfinity Flex Journey – Gold
2021 Xfinity Voice Remote – Silver
2021 Kraft My Food & Family – Silver
2021 Abercrombie & Fitch Design System – Silver

2020 Xfinity Earth Day – Gold
2020 Oracle CXM Newsletter Archive – Gold
2020 Xfinity Watchathon – Silver
2020 Xfinity Flex Relaunch – Silver
2020 Xfinity Onboarding Education – Silver

2018 Xfinity Watchathon – Gold
2018 Xfinity Welcome Series – Silver
2018 Xfinity 2018 FIFA World Cup – Silver

2017 Comcast Xfinity Rio Olympic Games  – Silver
2017 Xfinity Watchathon – Silver

MarCom Awards

2023 Xfinity Mobile Promotions – Platinum
2023 Lands’ End Mystery Sales – Gold
2023 Xfinity Entertainment Newsletter – Gold
2023 Xumo TV – Honorable Mention

2020 Harley-Davidson Holiday Series – Platinum
2020 Xfinity Watchathon – Gold

MediaPost Email Insider Awards

2023 Xumo TV - Entertainment Category

Horizon Interactive Awards

2021 Oracle - Distinguished Agency
2021 Abercrombie & Fitch Email Design System – Best in Category 
2021 Xfinity Voice Remote Monthly Newsletter – Best in Category 
2021 Xfinity Flex Journey – Gold
2021 Discover Student Loans Peak Program – Gold
2021 Kraft My Food and Family Email Design System – Gold
2021 Tokyo Olympics Xfinity Flex Engagement Emails – Gold

2020 Oracle - Distinguished Agency
2020 Oracle CXM Newsletter Archive – Gold
2020 Xfinity Watchathon –  Gold
2020 Xfinity Newsletter –  Gold
2020 Xfinity Kids Week –  Gold
2020 Xfinity Free TV Week –  Gold
2020 Harley-Davidson Holiday Campaign – Gold

2019 Harley-Davidson Bike Announcement – Best in Category
2019 Harley-Davidson  Holiday Campaign – Gold
2019 Xfinity Nurture Series – Gold
2019 Xfinity Game of Thrones Throne Meter – Gold

2018 Harley-Davidson Newsletter – Gold
2018 Xfinity Grinch Product Newsletter – Gold
2018 Harley-Davidson Holiday Promotion – Best in Category
2018 Xfinity 2018 FIFA World Cup – Gold
2018 Xfinity Welcome Series – Gold

2017 Oracle - Distinguished Agency
2017 Harley-Davidson Model Announcement – Best in Show
2017 The Ritz-Carlton Kinetic eNews Hero – Gold
2017 Hawaiian Airlines Kinetic Fare – Gold
2017 Hawaiian Airlines Winter Fare – Gold

ANA Email Experience Council

2019 Hawaiian Airlines Miles Statement – Best Makeover

MediaPost OMMA Awards

2017 Harley Road King/Street Rod Announcement


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Now completely updated, this post was originally published on July 19, 2021 by Monica McClure.

Lauren Gannon

Vice President of Agency Services, Oracle Digital Experience Agency

Lauren Gannon is Vice President of Agency Services, Oracle Digital Experience Agency.

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