Change the Game with Oracle Eloqua’s AI for Marketers

October 26, 2020 | 3 minute read
Jennifer Wagner
Sr. Product Marketing Manager – B2B Marketing, Oracle Advertising and CX
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As kids growing up, many of us were fascinated with AI and dreamed about how our future world would look as a result of it. I come from a family of tech engineers and spent my formative years in one giant emerging tech bubble. When the holidays rolled around, I prepared to hear debates on compute power and technology strategy of top tech firms.

The fact that this was unusual was not lost on me, and it paved the way for my fondness of innovation in tech. One of the most highly anticipated areas of tech innovation has been and still is artificial intelligence. Today, artificial intelligence can be used to craft better marketing experiences. This area in particular shows great promise by allowing digital marketers to leverage AI to deliver the best experiences possible.

Oracle has made significant investments in AI, ensuring it is purpose-built to reduce the chronic areas of pain for marketers, such as unsubscribes and email fatigue, and increase the relevancy of communications to better engage customers. Thus, we are excited to announce the launch of Oracle Eloqua’s Advanced Intelligence, a true game changer for B2B marketing.

Powered by machine learning, Oracle Eloqua’s Advanced Intelligence capabilities allow brands to improve audience selection and personalize engagement timing and cadence while dialing in on the real interests and intent of their customers and accounts.

Why use AI in marketing automation?

The increasing sophistication of the B2B buyer in the Experience Economy creates a new set of challenges for brands. We are expected to increase the quality of our engagement with buyers while also improving efficiencies and driving revenue. And as more purchases are driven by buying committees, sending them the right information at the right time can be challenging.

However, in the current environment, marketing teams almost certainly have less resources to achieve this with. Oracle Eloqua Advanced Intelligence provides AI-powered customer experience software to scale efficiencies in selecting the right audiences and engaging customers intelligently at the right time.  It achieves this by adapting the individual experiences offered based on the learned preferences of the audience. Let’s take a closer look at the great features you can use with Oracle Eloqua in this recent release.

Send Time Optimization

Improve email open rates by identifying when a customer is most likely to engage with send-time optimization. Personalize and deliver your experiences based on each individual’s timing preference. Eloqua uses historical ‘open data’ to find the optimal time to send emails to each individual contact and automatically deliver campaign messages for each recipient, down to the specific day or time of day.

Subject Line Optimization

Predict if a drafted email subject line will perform above or below average before you hit ‘send’. We know that subject lines are a key factor for driving open rates and open rate success can be largely improved by optimizing the subject line of every campaign email.

Fatigue Analysis

Oracle Eloqua’s fatigue analysis helps minimize the risk of customer burnout and disengagement. It also identifies opportunities to reduce the number of contact communications into a normal range. Marketers can use the fatigue analysis analytics to take tangible steps towards minimizing opt-outs of individual contacts from over-communication.

Account Intelligence

Prioritize accounts and garner insights on the next best actions as well as products of interest with Oracle Eloqua’s new account intelligence features. Gain a deeper understanding of account engagement at the contact and account level for a more complete picture of the accounts you want to closely monitor. Account engagement scores are available to use for segmentation, orchestration, personalization and sales insights.


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Jennifer Wagner

Sr. Product Marketing Manager – B2B Marketing, Oracle Advertising and CX

Jennifer Wagner is the head of product marketing for B2B marketing technologies at Oracle and is an AI subject matter expert. She leads analyst report marketing, as well as go-to-market strategies and sales enablement across PaaS and SaaS product categories.

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