Attention cross-channel marketers: Oracle Maxymiser launches visual editor for Android

May 19, 2021 | 3 minute read
Taz Khela
Senior Principal Product Manager
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The mobile share of global online traffic continues to outgrow that of desktop devices. Many countries across the world are already considered “mobile first,” with our pocket computers being much more accessible than tablets and desktops. With a growing number of customers interacting with businesses through handheld devices, it’s paramount to optimize your mobile app experience and craft a seamless, cross-channel marketing experience.

Oracle Maxymiser Testing and Optimization has offered native app testing for years for both iOS and Android. But with a recent surge in app testing and increased uptake in the use of our Software Development Kits (SDKs), we recently added Android visual editing to our portfolio, along with our visual editor for iOS.

The new Android visual editor enables marketers to easily:

  • Update user interface (UI) elements visually with a WYSIWYG interface
  • Extend a cross-channel marketing campaign using JSON code - See updates in real time on the app and within the UI
  • Publish and update without going through the app store process


Manual vs. no app store approach to native app testing

Marketers can use the native app testing capabilities of Oracle Maxymiser to run consistent personalized experiences across both web and mobile devices, test new features and functionality to improve the in-app experience, or tailor content and offers to specific audiences. We have two approaches available:

  • Manual approach: This uses variants that are coded into the application and released to users through a general app store release. In this case, Maxymiser is used as a test decision and reporting engine.
  • No app store approach: This provides a way to build A/B tests for native apps, enabling remote updates to the app. Variants can be published from Maxymiser Testing and Optimization without requiring a new update via an app release cycle.

However, the no app store approach for both iOS and Android does come with some limitations due to the ecosystem in which apps are built. This means that code cannot be injected remotely.

Using the Oracle Maxymiser SDKs, you can modify UI elements, but let’s take a closer look at which approach might be better suited to your specific needs:

For more information regarding our SDKs, get started with these files to learn more about native app testing for your cross-channel marketing campaign.


Taz Khela

Senior Principal Product Manager

Taz is a Senior Principal Product Manager for Oracle Maxymiser, who has been with the team for over 6 years focusing on all aspects of Web Optimization and Personalization, specifically our Campaign Designer and Maxymiser/Infinity integration capabilities. Taz focuses on understanding user needs and objectives, and is passionate about solving complex problems, building awesome products, and delivering great user experiences.

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