Analyse and Optimise Mobile App Campaigns for User Segments

January 31, 2023 | 4 minute read
Rohit Sah
Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle Responsys
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As a data driven mobile app marketer, you are used to closing the loop for your Oracle Responsys marketing campaigns by reviewing campaign performance metrics. However, do you drill down one level deeper to understand campaign performance by user segments? Analysing campaign performance by user segments can help you refine campaign design and also better plan future promotional campaigns for specific user segments.

As a real-world example, consider a global airline that is planning its summer promotional push campaigns strategy. The marketing team, as a practice, runs promotional push campaigns personalised for each recipient’s country. The marketers would like to understand push campaign performance by country for recent campaigns and use these insights to plan summer promotions by country. In particular, the airline would like to optimise campaigns for their key markets of Germany, India, England, France, and Spain.

By reviewing the aggregate open rates and open rate trends for countries on the Segment Group Dashboard, the marketing team is able to gather critical insights on campaign performance:

  • Best Performing Countries: Spain and India have high open rates and are among the best performing countries
  • Worst Performing Countries: Germany, France, and England have significantly lower open rates and are among the worst performing countries

Segment Group Dashboard

The marketing team is able to further validate its findings by reviewing country-wise performance of some key promotional campaigns. These findings lead the marketing team to review and optimise the campaign design, personalisation and overall strategy for Germany, England, and France.

Mobile App

Mobile app marketers can derive such insights for Responsys Push / In-App / Message Center campaigns in three steps:

  1. Design the user segmentation scheme
  2. Tag the segmentation scheme(s) to the campaign and launch campaign
  3. Review campaign performance by segments

Note: this Mobile App campaigns feature is consistent with the same capability for Email campaigns

1. Design the user segmentation scheme

As a first step, understand how you would like to segment your app user base for analysis. Three segmentation scheme options are available for mobile app campaign analysis. Each segmentation scheme option allows mobile app marketers to split their entire mobile app user base into multiple mutually exclusive segments that can then be used for reporting and analysis.

If you want to analyse campaign performance by any one of the following dimensions, these are immediately available as Performance reporting options in the mobile app campaign workbook:

  • Device attributes: such as the manufacturer, operating system, time zone, locale, preferences for a device user
  • User profile attributes: such as CLV persona, last item purchased, average order value for a known user

Note: Predictive CLV is a part of the Responsys Advanced Intelligence Package

For segmentation schemes that require conditions on an attribute or combine multiple attributes, create a segment group for mobile app users. The following use cases require a segment group for mobile app users:

  • RFM Champions that have purchases with total order value over $200 in the last 30 days compared to other users (see Image below)
  • Usage frequency of a feature: For example, heavy users of the mobile app message center vs. moderate and infrequent users
  • Purchase Band segments for 0 purchases, 1 to 5 purchases, and 6 or more purchases


2. Tag the segmentation scheme(s) to the campaign and launch campaign

Once the segmentation scheme is designed, specify your segmentation scheme in the Performance reporting section of the campaign workbook and launch the campaign. If you want to analyse campaign performance by multiple segmentation schemes, use the “Track performance for a multiple segmentation scheme (5 maximum)” option to attach multiple segment groups to the campaign.

Consider tagging essential segmentation schemes to all key campaigns so you can analyse the campaign performance trend for individual segments over time.

Summer Promotion



3. Review campaign performance by segments

Once the campaign has been launched, analyse your campaign performance under the Mobile apps Segment or Segment Group dashboards depending on the Performance reporting option used for the campaign. As illustrated in the example above, these dashboards also enable analysis of the campaign performance trends of individual segments over time.

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Rohit Sah

Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle Responsys

Rohit Sah is a Senior Principal Product Manager with the Oracle Responsys Product

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