29 Messaging Ideas for Your Leap Day Campaigns

October 30, 2023 | 4 minute read
Chad S. White
Head of Research, Oracle Digital Experience Agency
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It’s a marketing opportunity that comes around only once every four years. It’s Leap Day. With the next one coming up on Feb. 29 in 2024, the extra day is added to the shortest month of the year because the Earth takes approximately 365.25 days to orbit the sun, so every fourth year needs to have 366 days to fully account for that orbital time.

Much like having a Friday the 13th in October, the rarity of Leap Day has long inspired marketers to get creative and do something special for the occasion. To help inspire you, we examined Leap Day campaigns from the past four occurrences.

Across all of those campaigns, we’ve identified five major themes that brands have historically used. To illustrate each theme, we’re sharing messaging ideas that we’ve seen previously used, as well as some that we’ve haven’t seen but certainly fit the theme. Needless to say, we had to share 29 ideas in total.

Leap Day Messaging Ideas

When you’re crafting your Leap Day marketing campaigns, consider the following messaging ideas:

Theme #1: Leap Day being only one day

  1. Holding a “One-day sale” or “one-day event,” especially with live countdown timer
  2. Offering discounted or free one-day or same-day shipping

Theme #2: Feb. 29 only coming once every 4 years

  1. Using “Once every 4 years” messaging
  2. Offering a 4-year subscription at discounted price
  3. Offering 4-year warranty on purchased product, whether for free, at discounted price, or instead of your usual 1-, 2-, or 3-year warranty
  4. Highlighting products or content from the past 4 years, whether it’s the most popular or highest rated products, it’s industry changes, or product enhancements over that time

Theme #3: Feb. 29 being an “extra” day in the month

  1. Encouraging your audience to make use of the extra day, whether it’s to volunteer, take care of themselves, make a difference in the world, or something else
  2. Using “Extra day = extra savings” messaging
  3. A “For your plus-one” deal, where the purchaser can bring or include a friend, or they can share a special referral code

Theme #4: Leap Day being the 29th day of the month

  1. Promoting a product or service at $29 price point or ones under $29
  2. At 29 cent price point
  3. At $X.29 price point
  4. At any price point with 29 in it (e.g., $299, $2,900)
  5. Promoting 29% off
  6. $29 off
  7. Having free shipping minimum of $29
  8. “Buy one, get one for $29” or “Buy one, get one 29% off” deal
  9. “Get two for only $29” pricing
  10. “Spend X and get this gift worth $29 for free” offer
  11. Promoting 29 offers or spotlighting your 29 most popular or highest rated products/content
  12. Rounding up 29 of something (e.g., 29 quotes from experts, 29 stats, 29 photographs, 29 influencers to follow)
  13. Offering a 29-day free trial rather than your usual 7- or 14-day trial
  14. “Buy a 1-year subscription and get another 29 days free” deal
  15. “Earn 29 extra loyalty points on your purchase” offer
  16. “Earn 2.9 times more loyalty points on your purchase” offer

Theme #5: Leap Day being a transition into something new

  1. Using “Leap into spring” messaging (e.g., launch of spring fashion collections, spring lawn and garden products)
  2. Encouraging your audience to “Take a leap” of faith to make a career change, move, find love, or make another big life decision
  3. Using “Leap into savings” messaging
  4. Featuring leaping imagery (e.g., jump ropes, people jumping, frogs, antelopes) 

You get bonus points if you combine two or more of these. For example, “Get 29% off when you spend $29 or more” or “Check out the 29 most popular songs of the past 4 years.”

What More Campaign Ideas?

Check out our Content Calendar Assistant (2024 edition coming soon!), which is available for free via a no-form download. Designed to aid you with your content planning, this guide contains nearly 1,000 ideas to build out your content calendar for the year, plus insights and advice from some of our nearly 400 digital marketing experts.

Everybody can use a little help coming up with content ideas. And everybody can use a heads up to make sure they don’t look foolish or insensitive by launching campaigns that clash with US or international holidays, occasions, or events. Oracle Marketing Consulting’s Content Calendar Assistant provides that help.


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Now completely updated, this blog post was originally published on Feb. 28, 2012 by Chad S. White.

Chad S. White

Head of Research, Oracle Digital Experience Agency

Chad S. White is the Head of Research at Oracle Digital Experience Agency and the author of four editions of Email Marketing Rules and nearly 4,000 posts about digital and email marketing. A former journalist, he’s been featured in more than 100 publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Advertising Age. Chad was named the ANA's 2018 Email Marketer Thought Leader of the Year. Follow him on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Mastodon.

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