A Snapshot of Customer Loyalty

June 15, 2020 | 2 minute read
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Customer marketing programs and loyalty reward strategies have been around for a couple hundred years, and have obviously evolved significantly.  Aggregate programs like green stamps, box-tops and “get the 10th one for free” have been around since the emergence of consumer power brands, and they paved the way for perhaps the biggest loyalty program of them allairline miles. 

In the 1990’s, multiple airlines offered consumers the ability to self-identify as brand loyalists and accumulate miles to redeem for free flights, something business travelers and travel enthusiasts jumped to embrace. 

Modern Loyalty in the Digital Age

Apps, websites and programs connected to phone number identification make it easy for any consumer to become a brand ambassadorfor multiple brands across various industries. Mobile apps with payment options make it easy for customers to browse, shop and share, keeping customer retention high and driving down the cost of acquisition for brands to implement innovative and successful loyalty programs. 

Know Thyself

Engaging customers on a personal level and using data to design personal, targeted messages and features set you apart from the crowd. If the goal is to have customers evangelize your brand to their sphere of influence while also becoming repeat customers, then you’ll need to deliver an exceptional product and customer experience. This provides the right incentive to persuade your raving fans to engage with you on social, refer friends, and keep buying your product. 

Compete to Win

Modern customer loyalty involves an emotional investment with your branddriven by personalized engagement and rewards that matter to your customers.  Loyalty programs can be customized to businesses regardless of industry or size, and brands have the ability to innovate these programs to serve the needs of the consumer.  In order to implement such a program, you’ll want to partner with a loyalty provider who offers custom-designed programs and excellent service during implementation.


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