5 Blogs You Might Have Missed in 2020

July 1, 2020 | 2 minute read
Michael McNichols
Senior Content Manager
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With 2020 more than halfway over, we took a look back at several blogs that you might have missed but can still provide valuable insights as you continue to work on your digital marketing strategies. Email marketing, data-driven marketing, content, customer loyalty, and martech, we tried to cover several of the more important marketing topics to give you a breadth and variety of information: 

1)    Honor the Unsubscribe: 5 Ways to Screw Up an Unsubscribe 

Marketing teams who make it easy to unsubscribe and honor the unsubscribe request better build their reputation as trustworthy email marketers and improves their targeting by seeing which recipients are more interested and responsive than others. 

2)    Using Heat Mapping to Drive Website Conversion 

Heat mapping allows you to measure website visitor behavior and derive actionable insights from it. You can see what visitors are responding to and what they aren’t in order to optimize your site. Use this step-by-step guide to get started and take a better look at the data.

3)    10 Tips for Better SEO

SEO experts give us their pro tips on image link building, creating relevant landing pages, making the best use out of social, mobile, and YouTube, and more to optimize content for value and search. 

4)    Why an Emotional Connection Matters in Loyalty and How to Achieve It

Customers with an emotional connection to a brand are loyal to it. Emotionally loyal customers interact and engage more with brands. Research by Forrester shows that emotion drives loyalty in multiple industries. How do you build an emotional connection with customers and how do you keep them loyal? Read the blog to find out how to drive loyalty with helpful solutions and information.

5)    What Are the Key Components of a Martech Stack?

With more than 7,000 martech solutions available, marketers narrow what goes into their martech stack by considering what tools they actually need and remembering that quality triumphs over quantity. What basic building blocks should a martech stack include, though? It depends on multiple factors, such as whether you are B2B or B2C, your budget, your organization, and your goals.


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Michael McNichols

Senior Content Manager

Michael McNichols is a Senior Content Manager for Oracle Digital Marketing. He has over ten years of experience in professional writing and has been widely published.

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