3 Advantages Chatbots Give to Digital Marketers

October 19, 2020 | 2 minute read
Michael Azrikan
Digital Campaign Manager
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According to Forbes, 62% of US consumers like using chatbots to engage with businesses. Chatbots help organizations with:

  • Customer service and sales

  • Scheduling meetings

  • Organizing business activities

  • Messaging apps

  • Customer conversations held on websites and social media platforms

  • Consumers navigating a website and providing them useful information

Facebook has over 300,000 chatbots, and 40% of millennials say they chat with bots on a daily basis. Chatbots have become a growing part of our lives, and digital marketers can incorporate them into their strategy. Marketers can seize on these three advantages that chatbots give them:

  1. Marketing automation creates efficiencies

With chatbots engaging customers on the website and social, that frees marketers up to concentrate on other activities that can’t be automated, such as writing copy and planning campaigns. Chatbots can help marketing teams be nimbler, more efficient, and do more with less (just as other types of marketing automation do). They take over many of the initial steps of engaging with customers and take their contact information, so that teams can spend more time on strategy and execution.

  1. The more conversations they have with customers, the better they become at it

Due to being AI software and using machine learning, the more questions customers ask chatbots and the more conversations chatbots have the better the answers they can provide. This means that chatbots can learn to provide a better and better experience for website visitors and social media followers and provide them with the information they’re looking for. Chatbots can have more conversations with customers than a live team can and therefore can provide more data to mine for insights into them.

  1. With the data provided by chatbots, marketing and sales can tighten up their teamwork

With the more conversations they have and the more data chatbots collect, the more marketing and sales can use that information to align on the right messaging and how to properly nurture leads and move them through the funnel.

Things to keep in mind about chatbots

Chatbots should still sound conversational and as helpful as possible when speaking with customers. Your content marketers should craft dialogue that makes the chatbots sound as human as possible in order to keep the experience customers have with them from becoming too generic and robotic. Strive for your brand to be relatable and that event extends to chatbot conservations.


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Michael Azrikan

Digital Campaign Manager

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