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  • February 16, 2008

Ping Time: Email Evolution Conference edition

Our latest spin around the mediasphere turned up the following nuggets:

If you missed out on the Email Evolution Conference this year you’re not completely out of luck because bloggers and reporters were all over it. In fact, during the Wednesday morning panel about blogging that I sat on, there were dozens of people that said they were blogging from the event—and six or so taht said they were blogging about us live during our session! Here’s a list of posts and articles that I found easily (let me know if you know of others). So follow the ping and get a little taste of what you missed:

The Email Wars:
>>Live EEC Keynote: Bloggers Unite: Passion, Power or People? (LIVE BLOG)
>>Knocked out by the eec

>>Takeaways from the Email Evolution Conference

Email Experience Blog:
>>Voices from the Email Evolution Conference
>>Inbox Stew: Grandma, Goods, Compadres and Confirmation

>>Update from the Email Evolution Conference
>>Live Blogging from the Email Evolution Conference: Part 1 (LIVE BLOG)
>>EEC Conference: US Legislation and Beyond
>>Live Blogging from the Email Evolution Conference - Part 2 (LIVE BLOG)
>>Live Blogging from the Email Evolution Conference - Day 2 (LIVE BLOG)

>>Making Email, Web Analytics Play Nice: Testing Is Key
>>FTC: Data Security Is Top Concern
>>Bad Guys Make Emailing Harder
>>Email Undervalued, Works Best In Symphony With Other Tools
>>Daily Candy Founder Shares Special Sauce

BtoB Magazine:
>>Multichannel marketing highlighted at Email Evolution Conference

House of Email Marketing:
>>Reflecting on the EEC Conference: Relevance drives Deliverability and ROI

Email Insider Blog:
>>The DMA Gets It Right
>>Takeaways From The Email Evolution Conference

Return on Subscriber:
>>Dedicated IP or not a dedicated IP

Denise Cox’s Blog:
>>How recipients and marketers are handling email (eec conference)
>>Some nuggets I picked up at email boot camp (eec event)

Bronto Blog:
>>Netflix Gets Email – Part 1
>>Netflix Gets Email – Part 2
>>Netflix Gets Email – Part 3

The Joeism Blog:
>>Kicking Off the Email Evolution Conference
>>Email Evolution Conference — Day 2
>>Last Day of Email Evolution Conference

Twitter streams:
>>Adam Covati

Constant Contact:
>>Insights from the Email Evolution Conference
>>From the EEC Conference: Email marketing blogs
>>From the EEC Conference: Getting inactive subscribers to engage
>>From the EEC Conference: Creating a VIP email program
>>From the EEC Conference: The DailyCandy story

Ezemail Blog
>>Email Evolution Conference Takeaways, San Diego, February 2008

Smith-Harmon EDM Review:
>>San Diego Zoo

Marketing with Technology and More:
>>Email Experience Conference Kicks Off
>>Good Quality permission and relevancy - data revealed
>>A No-Tan-Line Bikini and 70 Passionate Women

Strongmail’s Email Marketing Insights:
>>LIVE from the Email Experience Conference!

Chris Baggott’s Guide to Blogging:
>>Corporate Blogging Live From the Email Evolution Conference

Visitor Centric Marketing:
>>Email Experience Evolution, 2/12/08
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