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Drive Leads, Qualify, Nurture with Personality Tests

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Seth Lieberman, CEO of SnapApp, a marketing platform used by companies to easily create interactive content to generate leads and drive revenue across the web, mobile, social and email.

Relevance is key to winning the attention of prospects and customers. The challenge many B2B marketers face, however, is how to efficiently serve up the most compelling content on a case by case basis. Behavioral data can show trends and reveal insights over time, but what about first-time top of the funnel visitors with no browsing history, or the fast moving buyers who may not fit into your typical sales profile? How can you consistently fill the top of the funnel while shortening your sales cycle? Enter the “personality” or “persona” test.

A persona or personality test  (sometimes called an “assessment”) is a series of topical questions structured to match people with specific personalities, patterns, or identities based on their responses.  For example Cisco Systems teamed up with PC World to run: “What Kind of Network Manager are You?”  to gather information on office/ IT department setups.  Personality tests can range from all business to casual and prospects like them because they receive real time value—which equates to a 73% click through rate.*   The benefit to marketers: more leads and valuable insights for profiling, scoring and nurturing.

Drive leads and qualify them more rapidly with personality tests

  • Use a personality test to enable early stage / top funnel suspects or prospects to identify their own pain points or interests, and score/assign points based on their responses.

  • Increase form completions: interactive content like persona tests paired with a form averages an 80% submission rate.*

  • “Gate” a visitor’s test results behind a lead generation form to tie response data to lead information for a more complete profile. (Bonus: you can keep the form short because information has already been collected during the assessment.)

  • Deliver just the right sales message/ content based on responses provided—in other words, serve up the “right” white paper, follow up with a targeted email, or place an outbound call armed with better intelligence.

Nurture leads and reduce time to purchase with personality tests

  • Embed a personality test in an email template and recommend content based on test results.

  • Run a personality test on an iPad at a tradeshow and have the leads flow directly into your database

  • Expand the sales pipeline with discoverable, contextual and easy to access persona-relevant content based on individual and overall responses.


Case Studies:  73% form completion, 20% social sharing, 3000 Facebook likes

  • A leading internet security company used a personality test and had a 73% form completion rate and a social media share rate of over 20%.

  • A global advertising firm used a persona test to collection several thousand leads complete with rich profile information; and, in the process, they collected 3000 Facebook likes.

Want to see it in action?  Take the What’s Your Content Consumption personality test, or, ready to give it a try but short on ideas?  Here are a few to get you started:

  • Test your backup and recovery preparedness

  • Check your compliance level

  • What kind of manager are you?

  • Assess your workplace security

  • Which social media channel is best for your goals?


*SnapApp data

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