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Owned, Earned and Paid Media 101


The widespread adoption of owned media strategies for companies both large and small is increasing integral and becoming the norm. But do you know what it is, exactly, and even more importantly, how it affects your overall marketing goals?



The Pretty Simple Version:



  • Owned Media is the audience who chooses to engage with you.

  • Earned Media is the audience you reach when you do something noteworthy.

  • Paid Media is the audience you pay to reach.




The Simplest Version:



  • Owned Media: Your website visitors, blog readers, Twitter followers, etc.

  • Earned Media: People who see you on the news, on someone else’s blog, etc.

  • Paid Media: People who see ads you buy online, in print, on TV, on the radio, etc.




If you want a deeper explanation, check out Forrester Research’s blog on the subject.



Content marketing will, generally speaking, fall into your owned media strategy. That is, you own the channels that your content is published on, and your audience has voluntarily made the choice to view it.



All marketing efforts should in some ways incorporate all three media strategies, and they should all work together to tell a unified message. This is why we keep promoting the idea of creating a written content marketing plan so you can see how all areas of your marketing will build off of one another, maximizing reach.





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