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Oracle’s Maxymiser Ranked Highest in Current Offering and Strategy for Online Testing Platforms

A new report by Forrester Research, one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world, is out—and it’s well worth reading. “The Forrester WaveTM: Online Testing Platforms, Q3 2015” is a detailed analysis of the eight most significant vendors in online testing platforms. For each vendor, The Forrester WaveTM applies scores in several areas based on product evaluations, as well as phone references and survey results from as many as 15 of each vendor’s current customers. These product evaluations center on 40 different criteria.

We’re thrilled to announce Maxymiser was cited as a Leader in this year’s Forrester WaveTM, earning the top score in both the Current Offering and Strategy categories. Additionally, Maxymiser scored the highest in Campaign Management, Service and Support, Planned Product Enhancements, among others.

Companies Need Continuous Optimization Across Channels

I believe Forrester spotlights the high expectations customers have for digital experiences across all channels, and that customers continuously shift their needs and behaviors. Customers’ great expectations, coupled with their ever-increasing presence online, means brands must constantly optimize the digital experiences they deliver to keep up with the demands of a fast-paced and competitive optimization landscape. Companies must be able to launch and manage hundreds of tests, quickly gain in-depth insights, and perpetually fine-tune customer experiences.

What enabled us to receive the highest score among all evaluated vendors in both Current Offering and Strategy, the two composite evaluation criteria of The Forrester WaveTM? These areas are split into various subcategories Forrester has defined. Let’s isolate a few of them.

Dashboards, Reports, and Alerts

In my view, our digital intelligence capabilities are robust. First, we provide clients with automated insights that leverage modern data science to guide their personalization strategy and optimization roadmap. We automatically identify and quantify the opportunity to optimize site areas or experiences served to segments of visitors. Then, we help them leverage these insights to build campaigns that deliver more relevant and engaging content to individual visitors—no matter their position in the sales funnel, and in real time.

Test Deployment and Data Handling

With companies everywhere firmly entrenched in the age of the customer, we believe true insight comes from data gleaned from multiple sources. We also think, though, that it shouldn’t be a hassle to gather this data: This is why we use automatic data collection and analysis for clients. We remove the need for companies to perform manual data analysis and enable them to capture customer data, and act on it, with ease.

Integration and Native Applications

Our products have cross-channel capabilities rarely found in other testing solutions, which I believe is reflected in our score for integration and native applications. With Maxymiser, companies can launch all types of tests and measure them across web, mobile, native apps, and even kiosks. Clients can even alter live and running tests—e.g., change traffic splits for different variants—without skewing results, which is virtually unheard of in the online testing and optimization space. In this way, we enable brands to develop a wide range of campaigns on both mobile apps and their websites.

Campaign Management

Campaign management is critical to running large numbers of campaigns. Our client services team helps leading brands serve hundreds of millions of optimized experiences per month to customers in many different sectors around the world. With Maxymiser, companies have the flexibility to build any kind of campaign, from simple to advanced, and to measure campaigns effectively across multiple metrics to get statistically valid results they can trust. Maxymiser also provides a robust publishing workflow, sophisticated campaign QA, and master campaigns that direct traffic to different test and personalization campaigns while ensuring consistent experiences for all visitors.

Maxymiser Earns Highest Score for Service and Support Category

Forrester notes that many firms state they prefer to manage their optimization programs in-house; but with very few exceptions, most depend extensively on a vendor's service team for success. Maxymiser received the highest score for the Service and Support category. Through our testing campaigns, clients have increased revenue per visitor, strategically delivering better offers, content, and messages to visitors based on their segment profile, historical behavior, and current behavior. As we’ve run more and more successful, multifaceted campaigns for clients, clients have in turn become more advanced in their understanding of optimization and online testing.

Collaboration Now and for the Future

Strategy is, of course, also important for companies to get right: A good strategy enables brands to reach their desired outcomes faster and establish a roadmap to even bigger goals. In addition to receiving the top score for Strategy in The Forrester WaveTM, Maxymiser also received the highest score in Executive Vision and Planned Product Enhancements. I believe these scores represent our ability to give clients tests with best-of-breed features—tests that help companies grow their optimization programs in streamlined fashion, capitalize on emergent industry trends, and prepare for future challenges.

Needless to say, we’re proud of our recognition in this year’s Forrester WaveTM: Online Testing Platforms. I feel our scores are the product of a decade of focus—we’ve infused our offerings with a great deal of industry expertise and technical knowhow, enabling clients to swiftly and meaningfully enhance their optimization programs. Whether you’re just getting starting with testing or are ready for more complex campaigns, our services team gives companies solutions they can use for years to come. We don’t just conduct campaigns for clients; we provide them with the tools to understand and execute tests on their own.

We look forward to continuing our work with clients and partners, driving more and more successful optimization programs. For companies considering Oracle’s Maxymiser, we believe our performance in the The Forrester WaveTM report is the catalyst for collaboration—a testament to our ability to optimize without limits.

Click here to download a copy of "The Forrester WaveTM: Online Testing Platforms Q3, 2015."

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