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Optimization & Video Content on Lovehoney.com

In the past six years, online video consumption has increased by around 800% with almost three quarters of internet users engaging with the medium. What’s more, users spend 88% more time on sites that feature video content, it’s clear that video is one of the most powerful means for brands to connect with customers. The question is: how can they make sure it delivers the most value back to the business?

We spoke to Matt Curry, Director of Ecommerce at Lovehoney to find out how optimization has given a close-up of one of its most significant marketing investments – product videos.

Firstly, could you give us a bit more information about Lovehoney’s interest in video?

Absolutely, so we were an early adopter of online video and ahead of the curve in its effective use to better engage key audiences. Whilst many e-businesses are only just beginning to explore the use of video, our belief in it is such that every product on our site is supported by video content including the Buyers’ Guides and sexual health and wellbeing resources. We even have our own on-site studio, videographer and team of presenters to help accelerate production in a fast-moving marketplace.

What prompted your connection with Maxymiser?

With the cost of video production being so high, we needed to ensure our investment chimed with customers’ needs, and that the commercial outcomes matched our own enthusiasm for the channel. To establish this, we turned to a tried-and-tested ally: optimization. We wanted to establish whether our approach to using video was working – and make sure that our investment was actually worthwhile, so we initiated a campaign where one of the variants actually turned the video function off.

Did you get the results you expected?

Not at all! We discovered that by turning the videos off, conversion rates actually increased. This was quite a surprise. Our whole ethos is about education; not only do we have a team of content writers who put so much into our product descriptions, but we also passionately believe that video is one of the best ways of conveying that educational content. The suggestion that video was getting in the way of customers buying products went against everything we believed in.

And how have Maxymiser helped you to optimize the customer experience and achieve your objectives?

The campaigns have made a key contribution to our ongoing business strategy around educating our customers. We’re committed to promoting sexual wellbeing – and education plays a crucial role. But there are commercial benefits too; if people are more educated they will make better buying decisions. This, in turn, means that they will buy better products and, as a consequence, be more likely to come back.

It’s working really well. We’re seeing a confluence of educational factors. Visitors can look at what we are saying about a product, and they can also see what sex experts and fellow customers are saying too. When you pull all of this information together into a single area and in a compelling format, the campaigns show that people will consume it.

Finally, what does the future hold for Lovehoney and its optimization campaign?

Our experiences with product page videos demonstrate that Customer Experience Optimization is an iterative process. It’s about continual refinement and not taking a result at face value. Our partnership with Maxymiser is extremely valuable; they’re brilliant at breaking down the steps in the process and helping us to examine the wider implications of a campaign. What’s more, they continue to show us that campaigns are never just about conversion and that every change can have an impact somewhere else in the funnel. Their pragmatic and iterative approach shows that optimization is never ‘done’ and that whatever the result of a particular campaign, there’s always more that we can find out about it. Customer Experience Optimization is an education in itself – and, with Maxymiser, we’re always learning.

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