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3 Best Practices That Make Online Marketing ‘Stick’ [CHART]

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Author: Paul Teshima

What’s your marketing mix? Marketers are challenged to manage a variety of different tactics and channels to reach their audiences effectively. While the ‘secret sauce’ for online marketing success may differ across industries and business models, some techniques prove effective regardless.

For this week’s chart, we analyzed the average page views per visit and per unique visitor for the corporate web sites of our customers over the last three years (42,000 months of data—or 3 years X the number of our customers).



We expected to see that number decrease, with the large increase of mobile traffic and social engagement being reported by many different benchmark studies.  However to our surprise although there was some fluctuation, overall our modern marketers have kept up the "stickiness" of their web sites. In the analysis, we found out that these marketers have a common denominator in leveraging:

  1. Marketing automation to launch campaigns and drive web activity, based on the buyer's interest and timeframe

  2. Digital body language data to target content and messaging, making each offer the most compelling for the buyer

  3. Use of multiple channels: email, direct mail, SMS, social, and calls to engage with leads on their terms

These modern marketing tools and tactics prove to be a continuing source of generating online interest and attention of your prospects and customers.

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