Content Marketing

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of eCommerce

Let's cut right to the chase. The world of eCommerce and marketing can be broken down into three distinct groups, as per statistics via Forrester.  The Good: Near...

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Marketing Cloud

Oracle Selected as Strong Leader Among Digital Marketing Platforms

Recently, Ovum, a leading market research firm, released their latest report: Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Digital Marketing Platform, 2015-16. This report...

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Cross Channel Marketing

The Customer Journey, Orchestration and What B2C Marketers Need To Know

“Where marketers once talked about the customer funnel, they now talk about the customer journey. That is a good development. It recognizes that customers...

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Modern Marketing in Action

The State of Marketing Technology in Asia

Editor's Note: Today's post comes courtesy of David Ketchum, CEO and Founder at Current Asia and author of the book BIG M, little m Marketing: New Strategies...

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Email Marketing

The #1 thing that may be killing your email marketing

Earlier in the year, I did a 4-part blog post series on attribution and the need for retailers to move beyond simple last-click attribution. But the reality is,...

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Weekly roundup: 5 digital marketing tips, tricks and tactics

Facebook assuages data fears Facebook not only has to assure individual users of their privacy—the social network is working hard to let advertisers know their...

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