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New Tool Helps Marketers Use Email Deliverability Data

Kevin Senne
Senior Director of Global Deliverability

Email Deliverability is one of the most important, but also one of the most overlooked and misunderstood aspects of email marketing. Just about all RFPs that go out in our industry contain multiple questions about deliverability. Marketers know that getting messages to the Inbox is critical to the overall success of their program.

But, the truth is that most marketers don’t actually understand how to use deliverability data. Oracle Marketing Cloud is excited to announce a new product that will change that. Oracle Marketing Cloud Deliverability Plus is a revolutionary tool that will allow marketers to understand the actual success of their campaigns and how to make those campaigns perform better. [See below for graphic which highlights the benefits and key features of the tool.]

Every 3-5 years the deliverability space sees a major change in the way ISP’s measure and filter messages to their users. The most recent evolution has seen the advent of engagement data taking center stage. Receivers like Gmail have made deliverability a truly individual endeavor. The concept of a “reputation score” no longer makes sense as a measure of deliverability success. Tracking opens, reads, clicks, and inbox placement are the metrics that today are the truly important metrics to monitor. If you can understand where your email actually lands and the interactions that follow, marketers can reasonably estimate true deliverability.

The new Oracle Marketing Cloud Deliverability Plus tools are designed to address the present and future reality of deliverability. The basis for this data is a large balanced panel of actual email recipients. This panel data tracks the real destination of email and the actions taken by those real users. For the first time, you get a real metric that measures the true deliverability performance. Improving your overall email strategy is the surest path to improving deliverability. Engaging and trusted email communications will organically deliverability as customer interactions and interest increase.

Our Competitive Tracker module allows senders to track the performance of their own campaigns. This would be good news on its own, but the tool also allows unlimited tracking of over 50,000 different senders. Imagine tracking and analyzing not only your own sends, but those of competitors and senders which you share an audience with. Those numbers are right at your fingertips. Downloadable reports and creatives for most campaigns are part of the data set. You can track senders at an IP, domain, brand, and company level. 

You can set alerts for events, keywords, metric based triggers, and just about anything else you can imagine. The data is accessible in many different formats which can be used in multiple formats. The power of these tools is truly ground breaking in the deliverability space.

Oracle Marketing Deliverability Plus also includes all of the standard deliverability tools.  Seedlist testing, pre-flight template analysis, blacklist monitoring, and device analytics are all built into the toolset.

We all want to be better marketers, and increase the metrics that matter to us like ROI, open rates, engagement numbers, and customer retention. If you can’t measure the reality of where your messages land, you can’t get better. How do you know what’s a “good” open rate? You see what others in your space are doing, and learn from their success and failures. It’s time to move beyond guesswork and move into the next phase of the deliverability evolution cycle.

Success begins with knowledge, and the Oracle Marketing Cloud Deliverability Plus tool is the place to start. 

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Comments ( 2 )
  • State the Obvious Friday, October 23, 2015
    eDatasource has been around for a long time...white-labeling it as Oracle Marketing Cloud Deliverability Plus doesn't make the data any more or less actionable...if it was "Deliverability Plus" it would actually give you recommendations around what to do...otherwise it's just a me-too competitive intelligence tool and basic inbox placement analytics.
  • Kevin Senne Friday, November 13, 2015
    Thanks for bringing that up, a couple of people have asked me this question. I have also worked with the eDataSource team for a few years. I can tell you that there have been many upgrades to the tool that actually address the deliverability concerns of today. This is no longer a competitive intelligence tool, although that by itself is fantastic. If you don't know what others in your industry are doing, how can you measure your own success? I don't know of any "tool" that can tell you what to do with any accuracy. I don't know why you would want that generic and probably irrelevant advice even if it could. The tool most people are using has lost so much relevance in the past few years, it's no longer even helpful. Those guys are so focused on pushing a security tool that doesn't even impact deliverability, that they forgot about deliverability. The Deliverability Plus tool is smarter when looking at inbox placement (seeds are dead too, btw), uses a superior Litmus technology to do rendering, and has the best competitive intel tools available.

    I would have liked to discuss this with you personally, sorry you used a fake name and email address to leave the comment. Please feel free to reach out, I would be happy to show you why we made our choice.
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