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3 Newer Types of Content Tactics To Support Lead Gen

Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes courtesy of Josh Haynam, the co-founder of Interact, a platform for creating lead capture quizzes. He frequently writes about using content effectively and getting the most from it. Follow Josh on Twitter @jhaynam.

In an ideal world, your content marketing efforts would yield droves of leads that stream in endlessly. Back in reality that just doesn’t happen and generating leads is a constant struggle for content marketers. Luckily there are three new forms of content that capture leads at amazing rates.

1. Social Hubs: Uberflip had a well-trafficked content marketing blog that was continuously updated with great articles and news – but it had a problem. Despite strong traffic, the conversion rate to email subscriber was hideously low, people just weren’t signing up. After trying everything imaginable, Uberflip decided to drastically change their blog layout, replacing the entire blog with a Hub that aggregates their content into nicely designed blocks with Calls-to-Action strategically scattered throughout. The result – an 800% percent increase in conversions.

Hubs not only arrange content in an easily digestible format, but they also have infinite scrolling built right in so new articles are always readily available. Hubs also present calls-to-action in a deliberate way, rather than statically in the sidebar as is the case with most blogs. Hubs are easy to set up using Uberflip and can drastically improve conversions.


2. Quizzes: Portland Monthly Magazine created a fun quiz testing reader’s “Portland IQ.” It didn’t take long to put together, and was simple enough to implement, but the results were dramatic. The quiz was shared through social channels more than 2500 times and over 500 new readers opted-in to receive updates from the magazine.

Quizzes are uniquely positioned for collecting leads because they use the principle of reciprocity to entice an opt-in. Just before showing the quiz-taker how they did, an email opt-in form is presented and the reader can choose to opt-in or skip to the results. Half (50%) of people opt-in because quizzes pique curiosity and they want to hear more about the subject. For the example of the Portland IQ quiz, quiz-takers opted-in to learn more about Portland after their curiosity was set off by the quiz questions.


3. Assessment Tools: Popular Internet marketer Neil Patel likes tools so much, he changed the front page of his website to just be a website assessor he created and nothing else. In his blog post explaining the change, Neil shows how tools are a better investment than content. The gist of the post is that tools have higher perceived value than regular content and are therefore better leverage to capture a lead. Asking for an email address and name in return for a blog post is ludicrous, but asking for an opt-in in return for a website assessment is a fair trade in many people’s eyes.

Tools are a large investment if done right (Neil spent $105,000 on his). For a scrappier approach, do the assessment yourself in the form of free 15-minute phone consultation.

assessmenttoolsContent marketing needs to produce leads if it wants to be viable for businesses. Using new types of content that have lead generation baked right in will help reach your lead generation goals.

What kinds of content have you found effective for lead generation? Tell us in the comments section. 

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