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The New 4 Ps of Marketing

You know the saying: You go to college for an education, and then spend years trying to un-learn everything you were taught.

It’s hard to name a field that has faced as much disruption and change as marketing. And for young marketers just entering the job market – or even those of us who have been here a long time – applying what you learned can be difficult when the day-to-day is topsy-turvy.

That’s why we created the “Real World Marketing Syllabus,” a new hybrid of original content from the likes of Brian Clark, Geeta Sachdev and Todd Defren, along with curated content featuring lectures, readings and lessons from the best marketers out there. It’s our attempt to spice up the stodgy principles of marketing. Because, though the 4 P’s of marketing (Product, Price, Promotion and Place) may still hold true today, a new set of P’s are emerging in this publish-or-perish, social media driven, data hungry marketing environment.

Here are the 4 New Ps of Marketing you’ll see throughout the syllabus, which you can download by clicking the image below.marketing-syllabus

1. Personality
Marketing today is extremely personal. Social media and blogs have commingled corporate branding and personal branding in an unprecedented fashion. Personalization is taking hold of everything from email to search. And marketers need to learn how read and interpret buyer behavior.

All of which requires personality. Brands, and the marketers promoting them, need to develop and display their personality. And they need to understand the personalities of the people they’re marketing to.

2. Publishing
Much like the professors you had in school, marketers live in a publish or perish world. Buyers are in the drivers seat. That means you need to be discoverable by producing gripping content marketing that’s easy to find. Once you’ve lured in a prospect, you need to keep them informed and engaged with all kinds of content. As Brian Clark notes in the Real World Marketing Syllabus, “these days, the writers lead the charge.”

3. Packaging
It’s not just for cereal anymore.

In this day and age of easy access to information, data has become a commodity. Marketers are tapping into the zeitgeist by collecting data, analyzing it and passing it along to buyers and customers. That’s made the presentation of data a key way to differentiate your brand. To stay competitive, marketers need to learn how to package data well.

4. Physics
That’s right, physics. Like Dan Cobley explains, there’s a lot marketers could learn by observing the laws of physics.

Marketing is undergoing a scientific revolution, and becoming less of a dark art. C-level executives expect greater transparency and predictable contributions to revenue from marketing. That means organizations are investing in disciplines like nurturing and scoring leads, tracking conversions and developing formulas for how buyer actions lead to closed deals.

It’s a brave new world for all of us, not just young graduates. But if you take our course, you’ll be learning from the best – and well equipped to adapt to these changes.

Oh, and you can follow everyone mentioned in the Syllabus by clicking here: https://twitter.com/#!/Eloqua/marketing-syllabus

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