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My first week at Compendium!

Dante Cook
Strategic Enterprise Sales

My first week has been a little different than I expected...

I knew I was going to be working with and learning from an amazing team of people.  I knew the company had the best Content Marketing Software in an industry that was poised to explode.  I knew the office was really cool, located on Monument Circle, and ultimately, I knew that I would be overwhelmed with information given this is my first job out of college.  That's all the obvious stuff, but I want to tell you about all of the little things that I didn't expect in my first week of work and why I'm already loving my job here.  

1) The Work Hard Play Hard Culture 

To say the people that work here are "Competitive" would be a serious understatement.  There are various trophies and championship belts that are given out for the winning the most random things here at the office - one being the belt for the winner of the office P-I-G competitions on the door frame basketball hoop.  Senior Account Manager, Lee Jorgenson (pictured below), was the latest winner.  Jim Brown wasn't too happy about it.  

The office is littered with NERF guns, ranging in capability from single shot to fully-automatic weapons.  These are serious NERF guns that kids would kill for!  One fun thing that caught my attention floating around the office was this term people were saying to Jim Brown, "THA BOUT IT KID".  So I got roped into a conversation about it only to find out that my boss, Jim Brown, used to be a professional wrestler!  His name was "THA BOUT IT KID" and he showed me pictures on his computer with him and his female accomplice "THA BOUT IT BABE"! There have been other great stories floating around the office, but that one is hands-down the best.  You can't make that stuff up.  

2) The food scene here has been amazing

I don't know if this week has been atypical or not, but the food scene around here is blowing my mind.  My first day here we had a company lunch, which is always great when you're a poor recent grad like myself.  The break room has been stacked with bagels from Einstein Bagels.  The sales team had lunch at the renovated Granite City restaurant, and there was a ridiculous event Wednesday where people were wrapped around the block to get free 8" inch cakes from the Cake Boss.  The line was around the block the entire day, which is completely ridiculous for some dry cake (a couple people from the office got cakes).  

3) Compendium is full of people-people

Compendium is a technology company so I obviously I knew there were going to be some really smart, technical type people that worked here, but even the tech guys are people-people and have been really helpful and great in welcoming me onto the team.  Everyone here is all about people.  The number one concern from everyone I've met here is how I'm doing as a person.  I've been asked: How has your transition been?  Why did you pick Indy as the place you wanted to start your career? Do you need a place to stay while you search for some permanent residency? The people that work here are people-people, and they are that way with customers as well-(I've sat in on several client calls already).

Back to my original point...my first week has been different than I expected.

Compendium, just like Indianapolis, has greatly exceeded my expectations.  My thoughts about Indianapolis match my opinion of Compendium.  There are great people that focus on quality instead of quantity.  The stage is set for some major growth and expansion.  There are rock stars and future leaders in the wings waiting to be unleashed.  I have loved my time here way more than I expected, and although I don't know what will happen in the future, I plan on being here for the long haul.   Thanks Hoosiers for welcoming me, here's to the future!  

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