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Modern Marketing Resources

Modern Marketing Resources

4 Steps to Align Your Cooks In the Marketing Kitchen

A dash here. A pinch there. Yes I am using the cooking analogy when it comes to marketing. Why? Because it fits like a glove, or an potholder in this case. Any...

Marketing Automation

Lead Scoring Critical for Aligning Marketing and Sales

Every marketer who has been tasked with generating leads has experienced the feeling of rejection from sales. Marketing generated leads are not only rejected,...

CMO Corner

The CMO’s Guide To Mobile Marketing (eBook)

A few months ago we released a guide which we created along with The CMO Club entitled the CMO Solution Guide to Leveraging New Technology and Marketing...

Modern Marketing Resources

Marketing Teams Need to Follow a Master Chef's Leadership Recipes

Before I joined the Oracle Marketing Cloud, I spent a week with the Content and Social team during their off-site meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina. I was...

Modern Marketing Resources

Cooking Up Leads: 3 Ingredients Of An Award-Winning Recipe

The Oracle Marketing Cloud content team took home top honors at the Digiday Content Marketing Awards celebrated last night in New York City. We’re excited about...

Cross Channel Marketing

Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Cross-Channel Marketing

Remember when you were a kid and you heard the word "essential?" It oftentimes had to do with vitamins, right? The whole "Flintstones kids"- remember? Now that...

Data-Driven Marketing

Don’t Be Daunted by Data: Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Data Management [new eBook]

For marketers the saying “Be careful what you wish for” is apropos when it comes to managing the various sources of data used to learn about their audiences....

Content Marketing

Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Content Marketing [New eBook]

It’s more important than ever — essential even — to ensure that you’re keeping up with smart marketing tips to maximize your success. We’ve got you covered....

CMO Corner

What Will Future Marketers Learn in School This Year?

If you're a CMO, VP, director, manager or anyone in the position to hire new, fresh out of college marketers to your staff, you would want to know what they...