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Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Cross-Channel Marketing

Steve Olenski
Master Principal Sales Architect

Remember when you were a kid and you heard the word "essential?" It oftentimes had to do with vitamins, right? The whole "Flintstones kids"- remember?

Now that we're all grown up and living and playing in the world of marketing the word "essential" takes on new meanings. It is under that guise that we created the Modern Marketing Essentials Series, which provides marketing leaders and practitioners the opportunity to supplement their existing marketing strategies with helpful insights into the topics marketers must know about, and more importantly those that are affecting your bottom line.

Our first guide was the Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Content Marketing, which includes tips from leading content marketers and thinkers, and a lot more.

We followed that up with the Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Data Management, which serves as a not-so-gentle reminder that no matter what state your marketing data is in, there's always room for improvement and empowerment.

Crossing Channels

Today we are pleased to announce the release of our latest and greatest "essential" - the Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Cross-Channel Marketing.

The reason we chose this particular topic to be our next "essential" is quite simple: The customer experience as we know it is broken, out of order, or at best on life support. Regardless of what side of the aisle your customer falls on, be it the B2B or B2C side, their experience is broken.

To illustrate just how broken it is consider that a study done by Accenture revealed that 78% of customers receive a fragmented experience as they move from channel-to-channel; while research done by Blue Research showed that 94% of consumers and prospects discontinue relationships because of irrelevant ads or promotions.

In the Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Cross-Channel Marketing you will learn:

  • Where you and your company fall in the great cross-channel continuum.
  • The three core points we've compiled to support your ability to ramp up your cross-channel marketing activities.
  • Why a leading educator from one of the country's finest business schools says it's important to provide a seamless, cross-channel experience to consumers and prospects.
  • And yes, a lot more...

The bottom line is regardless of channel, consumers and prospects have more refined appetites for marketing and higher expectations. They expect and desire more than a generic product experience—they want to feel an affinity for their investment and attraction to a brand.

Download the Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Cross-Channel Marketing and you will be well on your way to not only meeting those expectations but surpassing them as well.

Image source: flock-associates.com

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