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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Chart: How Many Streaming Videos Do We Watch?

How much streaming video do we watch? Lots. I compiled some of Nielsen's reports from October 2009 to December 2011 and plotted a time-lapse bubble chart for 5...

Mobile Marketing

Why Your 2012 Marketing Plan Needs Tablets

Does your marketing plan include the iPad? Or the Kindle Fire? Or a Nook? If not, you might want to revisit that marketing plan. The holiday shopping season was...

Content Marketing

Infographic: A History of Disruptions in B2B Marketing

“We’re gonna change the world” has become the battle cry for many tech startups. When you’re bootstrapping a company against all mathematical odds, the only...

Cross Channel Marketing

The Consumerization of the Enterprise App

This week tech companies from the around the globe plan to show off the latest gadgets at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Thousands gather for...

Mobile Marketing

A Very Cloudy Year: How the Cloud Drove Apps, Mobile & Social

If I had to name the most disruptive force on business this year, I’d tell you the advent of cloud computing. Yeah, I know, cloud computing started long before...

Email Marketing

8 Technologies Marketers Should be Thankful For

Friends, family, memories – they all cross the mind as things we’re thankful for around Thanksgiving. But for b2b marketers, there are probably some...

Mobile Marketing

Why Location-Based Marketing Matters More Than Ever

What role does location-based marketing play in today's global economy? What function does it serve for B2B marketing? We couldn't think of a better person to...

Email Marketing

Mobile Web and Email are Doubling [Chart]

Mobile should be on everyone's agenda, whether it be for marketing to mobile devices, designing a product for mobile, or even drop-testing an iPhone 4S and a...

Marketing Automation

The Rise of the Marketing Nerds

If Mike Hilton is a nerd, he's the kind of nerd you envy. He was a co-Founder of the fast-growing Concur, the CEO for a time and the CTO later. These days, he...


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