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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing: New tactics for back-to-school retail

It's that time of year again: back-to-school shopping, an estimated $26.7 billion bonanza for retailers, down from $30.3 billion a year ago. Most purchases...

Mobile Marketing

How your customers REALLY use their mobile devices

Recent reports have shed light on the way that consumers use their mobile devices, and some of the findings complicate conventional ideas about what going...

Mobile Marketing

How mobile marketing is turning the consumer shopping cycle on its head

Shopping habits used to be so predictable: consumers would head to a brick and mortar during daylight hours, buy a product and bring it home in a bag. Today...

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing: Why marketers need to use location based ads

Location-based advertising has long been one of the most hyped promises of GPS technology and the mobile marketing boom. It's hard not to see why: Imagine a...

Mobile Marketing

4 ways SMS can turn a prospect into a paying customer

We recently told you about the smart ways that marketers are using push notifications to build relationships with customers on mobile. But there's an even...

Mobile Marketing

Push notifications: 10 ways to turn them on without turning consumers off

Scary but true: According to a new global survey from Apigee, 85% of smartphone users say they would rather "give up drinking water" than delete their mobile...

Mobile Marketing

Designing horizontally for the mobile user

When designing for the inbox, user experience is a critical factor. The number of users reading email on their mobile devices continues to climb, so how do you...

Content Marketing

How Do You Define and Mine Modern Marketing?

Benchmark data, use case knowledge sharing, case study success examples, and hard numbers always highlight which Modern Marketers have got the right stuff....

Mobile Marketing

How to strengthen your customer relationships in a mobile world

It seems every year there is a proclamation that this will be the year for mobile marketing. Well, it is just not that simple. The fact is, mobile usage is...