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Mobile Marketing Trends for 2016

Steve Olenski
Master Principal Sales Architect

Welcome back to another installment of The Friday Five, your weekly curated content roundup of five articles related to one specific topic. This week's topic: Mobile Marketing.

Top 10 mobile marketing trends for 2016

The tricky part with most predictions is not so much in the “what,” which you can usually get a good sense of well before it actually arrives, but in the “when,” which is far harder to accurately divine. We all know mobile wallets are eventually going to replace credit cards: Is this year the tipping point?

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Five Mobile Marketing Trends for Emerging Markets in 2016

While 2016 begins, it is time to outline the trends to look for this year. In 2015 we witnessed mobile rocking the ground, with companies exploring mobile advertising to its full potential. In 2015, mobile use finally exceeded PC use and mobile optimization became crucial for online advertising. Some 2016 forecasts call for further changes within the industry landscape, one of the biggest being rapid mobile growth in emerging markets. 

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SMS Marketing: An Often Forgotten Goldmine In A Good Mobile Strategy

There are a lot of digital marketing channels. Most of our time and effort is spent on the most visible channels: search ads, display ads, SEO, social, email and content. While these are definitely key strategies that deserve a lot of attention, it can sometimes mean that other smaller but equally powerful channels fall by the wayside. One of these oft-missed channels is something that potential customers (and probably everyone you know) use every day: SMS.

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Consumers Prefer Retailers That Offer Mobile Coupons

Some 59% of consumers said their opinion of a retailer would shift positively if they received offers that could be saved on their mobile devices. Mobile wallets are still a relatively new space for advertisers and marketers to explore, but it would appear there’s a ready audience. According to a mobile consumer report from Vibes, about a third (32%) of smartphone users currently use a mobile wallet. Of those that do use wallets, more than 90% of them are likely to save a personalized coupon or mobile wallet offer.

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Innovative Ways to Keep Your Mobile Marketing Customers Engaged 

Mobile is growing and growing rapidly. Given that there are now 1.91 billion people in the world with smartphones - and with that number predicted to reach 2 billion within the next year - it's never been more important to ensure that you're keeping your mobile marketing customers engaged. 

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