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How to have very merry data this holiday season

Steve Olenski
Master Principal Sales Architect

There are probably countless marketers out there who would never put the word "merry" and "data" together in the same sentence. The reason being these same marketers are dealing with data that is, well, not very merry and in many cases quite Scrooge-like as their data causes them to see ghosts in their sleep.

Fortunately for these same marketers there is the Oracle Marketing Cloud who is more than ready to send that old data Grinch packing and in turn make your spirits AND your data merry and bright.

A few days ago in our post Data management: Essential best practices for getting started, we shared with you some, well you guessed it, best practices when it comes to getting started on managing your data.

That post was based on the content found in our guide Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Data Management

And guess what kids, that's what this post is based on, too. Only this post will delve deeper into the world of data management which will help all the marketers out there sleep soundly with vision of good, clean data in their heads.

Make A Cross-Channel List

You know how that fat man in the red suit makes a list? Well so too should marketers when it comes to their data. But not just any list. Oh no, marketers need a cross-channel list of their data. But first marketers must remove the coal that is in their data stocking: Silos.

Thanks to silos of data about customers from different channels—such as website visitors and behaviors, search, CRM, purchase data, email, and social— these valuable attributes often aren’t unified in one location. As a result, marketers are not able to intersect their knowledge of the customer profile across these channels to better refine their targeting, communications, and strategy over time.

Data management at its core gives marketers the power to use data from disparate channels to define their target audience. When a marketer has a centralized world of data to use, they can start to assemble a target audience that is both granular and scaled while taking into consideration actions or intent across online, offline, mobile, search, and social channels.

Here, There & Everywhere

Remember when we were kids we wondered how Santa could be in so many places at the same time?

Well once those nasty, wasty silos are knocked down, marketers can activate meaningful marketing everywhere because when you understand who your audiences are—both collectively and in various segments—you can strategically orchestrate and track the activities that will be

most meaningful and relevant to the right targets.

The goal is to apply the right messages across all touch points and channels that you, the marketer, engage with your audiences. You can take your marketing communications beyond basic advertising and truly emulate that customer centric organization that everyone promises to be.

Go Tell It On The Mountain

Ok, the above is a mere taste of the much bigger picture when it comes to having very merry data this holiday season. To get the full on experience you need to get the down low from the download Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Data Management

Then of course after you've done that, go forth and do indeed tell it on the mountain to all your fellow marketers.

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Image source: emazzanti.net

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