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5 Tips to Get Your Learn On at Eloqua Experience (From a Veteran!)

August 23, 2013 By: Kristin Farwell

Editor’s Note: Kristin is the Principal Education Specialist with Eloqua University. Passionate about marketing, education and customer success, Kristin has been with the Eloqua Education Services team since 2011. With more than 10 years of Marketing and Account Management experience, she brings a strong foundation of real world knowledge and expertise to every class.

Heading to Eloqua Experience for the first time and wondering what all the fuss is about? Trying to decide what sessions to attend and if you should REALLY go to the Markies? Have no fear. I’m a seasoned veteran with tips to help you get the most out of what will undoubtedly be an awesome (albeit slightly overwhelming) first year. It’s more than a conference, it’s THE Modern Marketing event of the year.

  1. Divide and Conquer If you are attending with teammates, you’ll be tempted to buddy up and never leave each other’s sides. Repeat after me “I am a confident modern marketer who will be comfortable attending sessions on my own.” It’s a win-win, really. Your company will gain exposure to more content, thus get the most return their investment, and you’ll all network and hopefully make some new friends in the process.

  2. Take Notes… but. Did you know the presentations from ALL the track sessions will be posted on Topliners after the event? It’s true! You can even find presentations from previous Eloqua Experiences and our Road to Revenue tours on Topliners as well. So yes, it’s good to take notes, but don’t get SO caught up that you miss the experience of being there. [Note: Digital copies of Eloqua University’s Continuing Education session materials are not posted on Topliners. Hard copies will be provided to participants onsite.

  3. Go to the Markies. No really. GO. You might be tempted to skip the Markie Awards because your company didn’t submit to a category or you aren’t a finalist. Don’t do it! The Markies were created as a way to honor marketing excellence and celebrate success. We’ve had an official ceremony even before there was an Eloqua Experience conference! Each year it gets a little bigger with more bated breath moments and ecstatic smiles. You might not notice it initially, but by the end of the night you’ll be beaming with pride at the accomplishments of your fellow modern marketers. Who knows, maybe they’ll be smiling at you next year! Or you could just submit your company’s nomination today!

  4. Embrace the Flare. Remember the movie Office Space? Before Jennifer Anniston was famous she played a waitress who could never muster the enthusiasm for all the flair required in her awful restaurant job. We’ve mustered that enthusiasm and turned it to 11. Before you write it off, look closely! There are some real badges of honor in there - “Eloqua University Master” “Eloqueen / Eloking” “Keep Calm and Topliners On”. Have fun and embrace the flair.

  5. Share. The whole idea of Eloqua Experience is to network and be inspired. While you are in San Francisco – share! Share your lunch table with someone you don’t know, share ideas, share your question with an expert so we can help you find a resolution. And when you come back, share the best thing you learned on Topliners. The inspiration you feel at Eloqua Experience (and trust me, you will!) shouldn’t end when you walk out the door on Friday, Oct 25. It should be just beginning.

I know there are other Eloqua Experience veterans out there – so many, in fact, that we created a “Perfect Attendance” button! What do you guys think? What are YOUR tips for a new person attending Eloqua Experience for the first time?

Check out the Eloqua Experience event site for all things #EE13 and to register!

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