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Markie Award Winners Show How Modern Marketing is Done

It has been such an exciting night as we kicked off the Modern Marketing Experience in Las Vegas with a rousing keynote from Kevin Akeroyd. But act two of the night was really something special, as we celebrated excellence in Modern Marketing. 

I just got off the stage from presenting the 10th Annual Markie Awards. It was an amazing crop of entries, with more than ever before, and across a large array of marketing categories. Our judges reviewed 350 entries to ultimately choose the winners listed below.

We celebrate all Modern Marketers tonight and are truly inspired by your continued creativity and innovation. 

Congratulations to the 2016 Markie Award Winners:

Best Customer Retention or Loyalty Program: Every company says they are customer focused, but few actually deliver. These marketers created a customer retention or loyalty program that successfully transformed their customers into fiercely loyal brand advocates. They shifted their culture from consumer transactions to customer relationships to drive loyalty.
Cetera Financial Group
Their re-recruiting campaign combined Oracle Eloqua emails, social and display, web and AppCloud Apps such as Vidyard and LookbookHQ to remind Advisors of the assets available to them resulting in 96% customer retention.

Best Digital Marketing Ecosystem: These marketers have taken advantage of digital marketing integration to enhance processes or improve analytics. They created an integrated ecosystem with CRM, third-party cloud apps, or other applications to automate, streamline, and enhance their marketing efforts. Finalists in this category think beyond the norm and consider how they can work with IT to leverage tech investments far beyond marketing automation to positively impact the business and revenue.
Their digital platform has the ability to consume multiple marketing sources and measure their impact on driving their customer’s experience. With Oracle SRM integrated to multiple Oracle Eloqua instances for scoring social, Kapost to manage workflow and analytics for forecasting and attribution, they have the complete picture on their customers and the path to revenue.

Best Email Marketing Campaign: There are some email communications that are so well written, so masterfully designed, that it’s only a question of when people will respond. Achieving extraordinary response rates isn’t luck. It’s the result of great targeting, content, personalization, and timing.
They were inspired by B&Q’s usage of Oracle Responsys and used customer data to personalize emails based on their travel info to create a 1:1 experience. This campaign’s ROI exceeded 1900%.

Best Emerging Company Marketing Campaign: This category celebrates the successes of an emerging company with annual revenues of $100M or less.
Mobovida, LLC
They put their customer at the center of their programs with Oracle Responsys by using data from CRM, purchases and online activity in communications. They drove 7x more revenue from campaigns by being more customer focused.  This company also experienced an increase in return on ad spend in addition to driving more revenue with Oracle Responsys. 

Best Integrated Consumer Marketing Program: These marketers create personalized experiences for consumers with relevant content, messages, and promotions across web, social, mobile, email, display, or other digital channels. They are attracting or retaining their ideal customers. If the customers are fiercely loyal, then they become brand advocates. They have designed integrated consumer marketing programs that resonate with customers to produce results.
Drove awareness of the proper use of propane via raditional print with PR, digital channels and a sense of humor with Oracle Eloqua. They increased their marketable reach by 28%.This fun campaign involved three unique phases – a contest to win a barbecue, pick your favorite food blogger and quiz to review barbecue best practices.

Best International Campaign: This award recognizes the organization that has used Oracle Marketing Cloud to make inroads outside of their core market.
They created a device checker to let customers know what services were enabled on their device and communicates across multiple languages using Oracle Responsys. This campaign drove 3.7M dollars in revenue. This program drove 8% more revenue in 2015 and brought many groups within their team together to focus on their customers and drive sales.

Best Lead Management Program: These marketers have a sophisticated lead management program that delivered measurable results. They use lead scoring and deliver results that are compelling. Sales and marketing are aligned. People, process and technology all come into play in this award.
Juniper Networks
Their digital hub has enabled Juniper to create a reliable, global machine This process has helped increase team credibility, Lead Value by 900%, Win Rate up 700%. The Hub allows Juniper to optimize the customer lifecycle in multiple languages and is a repeatable machine to support global lead management and revenue.

Best Mobile Experience: These marketers have personalized experiences with messages and promotions optimized for mobile that create a great experience for their customers. Mobile is the platform of choice for a majority of their ideal customers. If they’re reading emails, making mobile transactions, sharing through social, or simply using smartphones and tablets to connect all day and every day.
Zalora South East Asia
This fashion retailer created an integrated experience across the mobile web, the app and push emails from Oracle Responsys based on the last used device. They achieved 3x more mobile app orders and revenue!

Best Sales & Marketing Alignment: These companies have translated words into action through tighter organizational alignment, shared goals and reporting, new communications strategies or innovative approaches to compensation.
Sierra Wireless
In one year they doubled sales pipeline, tripled top of funnel inquiries and improved the conversion from inquiry to opportunity beyond benchmarks set by Sirius Decisions.

Best Social Campaign: These brands and companies effectively use social marketing as a strategy to build brand awareness or turn customers and prospects into advocates. These brands use social media in new and interesting ways or as the centerpiece of a successful new program. They have seized social media opportunities and generated proven results.
FamilyShare Network / Deseret Digital
They’ve had huge success in building an audience of 100M+ on more than 80 social channels. This campaign leveraged that huge audience with engaging content to ultimately drive more conversions.

Best Testing & Optimization of the Customer Experience: This Markie goes to the company whose approach to testing had a significant impact on their customers and their business.
This luxury hotel brand took the risk out of launching their new mobile site with Oracle Maxymiser. Transactions increased by 9% and conversion increased by 27%. Not only did YOTEL increase transactions, but they increased customer satisfaction by 20%, earned positive feedback on their mobile experience and the bounce rate from their site decreased by almost 20%.

Best Use of Audience Data: This award recognizes organizations that use audience data in innovative and strategic ways, and have seen their efforts pay off with faster conversions, increased revenue, and higher ROI.
Dell Inc.
Oracle BlueKai enabled Dell to find new customers and retarget existing ones who purchased within the past 5 years. With a 10% reduction in budget they managed to increase view through return on ad spend by 200%. 

Best Use of Data Analytics & Insights: This award recognizes an organization that has moved beyond reporting (old methods of organizing data into informational summaries to monitor performance) towards analysis (new data and meaningful insights that improve performance).
Thomson Reuters (MarkMonitor)
This division of Thomson Reuters predicts marketing ROI and sets performance goals for marketing. As a result, they know what campaigns are most effective, who their decision makers, where big deals come from and how to focus to drive revenue.

Best Web or Commerce Experience: This award recognizes the supremely enlightened organization that truly gets the power of personally engaging, consistently delightful, and seamlessly integrated experiences where the customer runs the show.
SunPower Corporation
This team created an interactive solar design center to show customers their estimated savings and ROI over the life of their systems. They drove 40K visitors to the site, converted visits to appointments and created new customers. This campaign was widely successful and visits to the solar design center help them convert 16% of the visitors to customers.

Content is King: This category recognizes extraordinary results with content marketing and is deeply ingrained in the company’s culture of helping customers. Each of these organizations moved away from talking about themselves to talking about their customers and saw huge results.
This e-tailer allows their customer’s wine preferences to drive their journey across the web, commerce, social and email. This strategy drove a 40% increase in users to the site and $1M in sales via social media alone in 2015.  They also tripled the number of subscriptions and have over 13M customers on their site.

Modern Marketing Leader of the Year: Just as great people are the foundation for successful businesses, innovators are often the driving force behind exceptional marketing. This award goes to the individual who drives their teams to succeed, lead change, set the vision for the entire marketing organization, and deliver results.
Blake Cahill, Royal Phillips
Blake conceived and implemented a “Digital at Scale initiative” and had tremendous success. Digital Marketing is now live across 17 Global Markets in 60 countries. Over 1.7 million new consumers acquired through digital. Marketing and sales enjoy clearer visibility of new leads and the status of existing leads; bringing the two departments closer together as they work through opportunities. Within 5 months, his leadership enabled the business to not only acquire 1.7 new contacts through digital, but they also drove 1.9 million euros in pipeline revenue.

Most Creative Marketing Campaign:This Markie goes to the customer whose unique concept came to life with fantastic results.
Inspired by “Where’s Waldo”, they asked IT professionals to find a “duck” across paid Facebook ads, social, and the web. Over 73,000 games played and $3M in pipeline. They also decreased bounce rates to their site by 20% and their top game player played the game over 200x.

Rapid Transformation: The Rapid Transformation award honors fast starters for their superb planning, execution, and results.
BT Global Services
In partnership with Deloitte Digital, they got 200 employees up and running with Oracle Content Marketing, Oracle Social Relationship Management and Oracle Eloqua in 20 countries in less than one year.

People’s Choice Award: Best Video Submission
Cisco Systems

Has your company delivered the best of your brand using Oracle Marketing Cloud this year? If so, submit your nomination before 5:00pm ET on January 31, 2017 and join us for the Markie Awards in Las Vegas, April 25, 2017. 


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  • Eric Hansen Thursday, April 28, 2016
    Congrats to all the nominees and winners!
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