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Which Marketing Messaging Types Resonate the Most? [CHART]

Finding your “sweet spot” in your marketing and advertising messaging can be challenging — particularly if you don’t have target personas and supporting segmentation strategy.

But there is a centralizing component; a must have in your marketing: Humanizing your messaging. Your prospects are people, who enjoy laughing, feeling a correlation to their own personal lives and families, and connecting with information in a way that’s valuable to them.

For this week’s chart, we analyzed an excerpt from The Nielsen Global Survey of Trust in Advertising, which was conducted in Q1 2013, and polled more than 29,000 consumers in 58 countries throughout Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and North America.

The question: Which types of advertising messages resonate most with you?” yielded an interesting yet expected result: 47% of respondents cited 'humorous' advertising messages, although nearly the same amount (46%) cited 'real-life situations'.


Family-oriented, health-themed, and value-oriented advertising messages (each at 38%) follow; while celebrity (12%) and athlete (8%) endorsements proved that superstar creds don’t necessarily impact consumers’ reception of information.

If this chart is any indication, the key to your audience’s engagement is through a good laugh. The reality is that some organizations have more flexibility than others when it comes to the vibrancy and “color’” of your marketing. It can be difficult to step outside corporate parameters with limiting marketing realities, or a basic product.

But hey, it can happen. Here’s proof:

You can easily leverage your social media channels, customer communities, and blogs to create more personalized corporate communications and spread your own word. That said: Real life scenarios are a contrasting but equally compelling theme in marketing. A key takeaway: “Keeping it real” with your audience goes a long way.

Tell us in the comments which marketing messaging works best for your organization!

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