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Marketing was Hard in 2016. Marketing Automation Helped Those Who Used It.

Jeff Cohen
Director, Content Strategy

As we move into 2017, it is instructive to look back at 2016. With more data available than ever, marketing automation was a critical component of B2B marketers' tech stack. Below are some thoughts from Modern Marketing experts about marketing automation. We asked each to provide a data point as inspiration for their views.

It was a broad and complex landscape for digital marketers in 2016 and beyond. We have a highly diverse environment with search, content, email, online ads, and the myriad social networks which means that marketers are ever more time challenged and are often struggling to cover all the digital bases. Marketing automation, to some extent, helps address these issues and provides a highly personalised approach to marketing that has the potential to save time. Implementation is not always easy and things may have to get worse before they get better, but a committed approach to automating your pipeline will improve results and ROI on your marketing budgets. (data inspiration)
- Marcus Miller (@marcusbowlerhat), Digital Marketing Strategist, Bowler Hat         

The biggest impact in 2016 has been the continued complexity of B2B buyers who now buy in committees. This means we no longer are focused on one decision maker, but more than six individuals, on average, who all have their own view, motivations, and biases to a purchase. Marketers are still struggling in terms of content marketing and demand generation according to recent research and the growing complexity will continue to make it more challenging. (data inspiration)
- Carlos Hidalgo (@cahidalgo), CEO, ANNUITAS              

Predictive marketing kicks marketing automation up to the next gear. Being able to better prioritize leads, and rate new leads prior to sales engagement makes double digit increases in close rates possible. (data inspiration)
- John J. Wall (@johnjwall), Producer, Marketing Over Coffee  

Marketing's increased focus on sales enablement is directly and dramatically increasing sales conversion rates. According to a study earlier this year by Heinz Marketing and Highspot, more than 50% of companies that have committed to sales enablement efforts have experienced increases in sales conversion rates of greater than 10%. A full 23% of companies have seen conversion rates increase by 20% or more, and 11% have increased their conversion rate by greater than 30%. (data inspiration)
- Matt Heinz (@heinzmarketing), President, Heinz Marketing

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