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Why marketing IS rocket science

Andrea Dixon
Director Marketing, JAPAC

In the evolving and expanding digital market, today’s marketer is facing greater demands for new skills to complement their traditional expertise. Survey results from the recent ADMA Global Forum point to the increasing complexities in today’s marketing department - the vast majority of respondents described the role of the marketer as ‘highly complex’ and a further 15 per cent likened it to rocket science.

So why has marketing become like rocket science, and with an increasing interdependence between technology and marketing, what tools does today’s marketer need to succeed in the data-driven, digital market?

It’s not about knowing what to do, but how to do it. Today’s marketer must take a cross-functional approach to their role through embracing marketing technology. With more than half of businesses leveraging cloud technology to support the marketing function and a further 15 percent planning to implement it by 2017, today’s marketer must demonstrate technical and analytical skills, traditionally the domain of IT specialists.

In fact, a study by Gartner predicts that by 2017, the Chief Marketing Officer will spend more on IT than the Chief Information Officer. Why? Data. Today’s marketer has a great capability for data collection, but knowing how to use data is complicated, and this is a key reason the role of the Chief Marketing Officer is so significant.

The availability of valuable marketing data from CRM systems, web analytics platforms, social networks, online and in-store, gives today’s marketer the ability to achieve individual insight at scale. The key is bringing the data together in one place and understanding how to use it.

With multiple touch-points at their fingertips, the consumer is a power broker in today’ customer-marketer relationship. It’s up to the marketer to ensure the customer experience is unified across all channels, whether engaging online, on social, or in-store. The challenge is, as communication continues to evolve into an omni-channel, real time process, the ability for the marketer to truly own every point of contact with the customer is becoming increasingly complex.

The opportunity for today’s marketer is knowing exactly how to leverage all that data to achieve a highly personalised customer-centric experience. How to deliver the right message, to the right person, at exactly the right time and place. With 91 percent of the ADMA survey respondents looking to implement Marketing Automation and Data Management into their marketing strategy, it is clear that today’s marketer is ready to innovate, but is also looking to achieve greater marketing simplicity. Marketing savvy organisations are implementing tools which help simplify this process.

For example Television broadcaster Network Ten switched from a campaign based marketing approach to an ‘always on’ approach, in order to drive greater success in today’s data-driven market.  It also helped it meet the demands of both broadcast and digital television audiences.

The value of marketing in an organisation is undeniably increasing, with 44 percent of those surveyed revealing their team had increased in size over the past twelve months and another 55 percent anticipating their marketing budget will increase over the next twelve months to harness opportunities and cope with the demands of the new marketing landscape.

Marketing has a significant ability to drive business growth, and it is up to today’s marketer to get it right. If the marketer understands and uses data effectively, they can engage customers at a more targeted and personal level than ever, while maximising customer engagement and loyalty.

As evolving complexities continue to shape the journey to modern marketing, it’s easy to see why the role of today’s marketer can be likened to rocket science. But with a strong grip on data, as well as innovative tools and effective customer interaction, today’s marketer can delve into the ever growing digital market with great success.

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