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INFOGRAPHIC: Marketers, say goodbye to the campaign calendar

November 25, 2013 By: Laura Schierberl

I'm starting to get holiday coupons and promotions from all kinds of brands - some that I love and others that I could care less about - all because of the time of year. For example, I'm now getting emails every other day from a beauty company that I purchased from once five years ago - just because it's the time of year for buying gifts and spending money.

So, what's going to make me purchase?

How about an offer to save $10 off the necklace that I clicked on a couple times before ordering my holiday party dress last night? I was on the fence about the necklace so didn't buy it, but what if I received a message with the small discount, plus a free shipping offer? This would have not only nudged me to buy, but left with me with a positive experience about that brand.

Now let's be honest, the other reason I might purchase would be if a brand offered a deep discount (50%+), but that's not a popular option for retailers looking to turn a profit - especially during the holidays.

I think you get the moral of the story. Marketing that revolves around a calendar and bad assumptions about customers isn’t even close to being as effective as sending a message that’s based on someone’s specific intent, behavior or preferences.

So, please check out our latest infographic depicting why it's time for marketers to say goodbye to the campaign calendar. Let's hear it - ciao, adios, au revior, cheerio!

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Marketing Orchestration Infographic

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