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Which Industries Lead in Marketing Effectiveness? [CHART]

December 9, 2012 By: Tom Hardy

Those of us who enjoy a bottle of wine or who have a few gray hairs know that things get better with time.  The key to personal or professional growth is learning from your experiences and improving each time around.  This week, we looked at the learning process marketers go through when they begin using a marketing automation tool.   To add some competitive spice, we compared how different industries learned at different rates.We looked at several measures of marketing effectiveness, including open and click rates.  We found across all industries these rates actually decreased over the first five months of marketing automation.  Examining the number of emails sent and qualified leads captured, we found successive increases as marketers learn and adjust their approach toward the end goal of delivering MQLs to

Next, when we examined Lead Efficiency, defined by MQLs generated per 1000 emails sent, an obvious leader jumps to light:  Across all industries, Lead Efficiency increases approximately80% over the first months of execution.  However, marketers in manufacturing increased Lead Efficiency by approximately 3 times in the same period.  Furthermore, they demonstrated steady month over month improvement and eventually the highest Lead Efficiency at scale.  It seems that the principles of continuous improvement have leaked from the factory floor to the marketing suite!

Recommended reading (for non-manufacturing) Marketers:  New Manufacturing Challenge: Techniques for Continuous Improvement,  Kiyoshi Suzaki

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