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5 Surprising Uses for Marketing Automation

What’s the first thing that springs to mind when you hear the words ‘marketing automation’? For me, it’s email campaigns, lead nurturing, lead scoring, lead generation and lead management.

But there are so many other ways to get more out of your marketing automation investment, from smoothing out the recruiting process to pushing real-time info to sales. Let's take a look at five less common uses for marketing automation.

1. Onboarding New Hires
What happens when you start a new job? At Eloqua, I was delighted to experience an ongoing new hire process as a result of marketing automation. For the first 45 days, I received emails that introduced me to different facets of the company. I learned about finance, the sales process, health benefits, competitors and a slew of other knowledge. This worked because it wasn’t all delivered at one time. I had the opportunity to digest the information, learn something and ask questions.

2. Stuck Opportunities
Maybe you had that lead on the hook, but somewhere they got trapped in the net. They might not have been ready or the project could have stalled. Using marketing automation to help stuck opportunities helps both your sales teams and the opportunity itself. By sending automated, relevant messages with customized signatures from a sales rep you keep your brand top of mind and keeps sales engaged with them – even though they aren’t physically doing the heavy lifting.

3. Event Management
While this may fall into the category of lead generation, event management is a bit different. A venue needs to be selected, menus set, a booth to be designed. The whole time you need consider who to invite and how to lure them in. Automating invitations to target lists pre and post event is a great way to save time and ensure you reach the right people.

4. Sales Notifications
Your sales team has a lot to do, I mean, you generated a ton of leads for them and you want them to call every single one, right? Have you considered using marketing automation to send them alerts when a prospect does something? Automating alerts is a huge benefit to your sales team. Hit helps them strike when the iron is hot and close deals faster.

5. Customer Communications
Once someone becomes a customer, you can't forget about them. The communication must continue. But as your customer base grows, the content can become unwieldy. By automating customer messages, you can ensure they're in the loop. Pick a schedule that works alongside your other channels and map out the type of content they should receive. Work with content marketing, event marketing and demand generation teams to ensure cohesion with your messages.

Have you discovered some unconventional uses for marketing automation? Share them with us.

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