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Are Marketing Automation Skills Fruitful for High-Level Job Seekers? [CHART]

Michael Azrikan
Digital Campaign Manager

Back in August 2012, Egan Cheung wrote an analysis in a Chart of the Week using a LinkedIn search to prove how valuable Eloqua skills can be in obtaining a job promotion.  His conclusion was that based on a 39% growth statistic among top-level job titles over a five-month period, it is clear that marketing automation, and Eloqua skills in particular, are huge core competencies of value in the current job market.

I decided to take a look from a different angle to determine how important Marketing Automation skills are in job searches, also using LinkedIn data as the model, although one could incorporate other job searching web sites such as Monster.com, CareerBuilder.com, etc.

 COW 10-27

Timing is everything, as they say.  Oracle Eloqua recently announced the acquisition of Compendium, a cloud-based content marketing provider that helps companies plan, produce and deliver engaging content across multiple channels throughout their customers' lifecycle. This acquisition, as well as Oracle's acquisition of Eloqua, confirms the importance of marketing automation for the modern marketer.


Immediately following the Compendium announcement, an article appeared on Yahoo's Small Business Advisor web site, with quotes from 11 industry analysts, each one providing a confirmation of the importance of marketing automation, and how Oracle's acquisition further proves this point.

One comment of note comes from Jason Miller at LinkedIn: "The move by Oracle to purchase Compendium certainly validates the importance of content marketing, but it also reinforces the opportunity at hand. Companies need software to help them manage, track, implement, and ultimately scale their content efforts. If a company is serious about their content, this is the only way forward. It’s all part of a movement towards a cross-functional fully integrated marketing approach."

On LinkedIn as of October 26, 2013, there were more than 2,800 job postings listing Marketing Automation as either the description of the position or a required or desired skill.  Of those listings, in the past seven days alone, the majority (32%) are Manager-Level responsibilities, Vice President 21% and Administrator 19%.

The big takeaway: The importance of having Marketing Automation skills can be demostrated by evaluating the number of job postings in a short period of time, and at what level, using a LinkedIn basic worldwide search. Marketing Automation skills are relevant and essential in marketing job searches. The data from the LinkedIn search proves that even upper-level jobs can be had with Marketing Automation skills.

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