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What's Inside the Typical Marketing Automation Portfolio? [CHART]

Egan Cheung
Manager, Revenue Performance Analytics


Ever wonder what types of marketing programs your peers are running?  I did, and wanted to share the results with you.I looked at more than 10,000 campaigns that our customers were running in Q3 2012, and plotted both the relative portion that each type made up of the total, as well as how complex the programs were using the number of steps in the campaign canvas as a proxy.  If you are not (yet) an Eloqua marketer, you can brush up on what that last sentence means by checking out this 2-minute Campaign Canvas overview video.



Many of the results were as expected, with a few surprises:

Advertising and PR:  The simplest and highest volume type of campaign.  No real surprises here: choose your targets and send them an email with a simple call-to-action, which may simply be to read more on your site.  Obviously not too much complexity here, with many being simple email blasts with 2 or 3 logical steps.

Events: I was surprised by how few steps marketers are using in event campaigns, after all there are invitations, reminders, and follow-ups, with several decisions to take for each.  It seemed that the data was telling us that many marketers are doing these follow-up activities as separate individual campaigns, which seems like a great opportunity to improve that situation - seems like lots of effort if it can all be done in one canvas!

Newsletters:  This one kind of surprised me.  I would have expected that most marketers have just a few, really large newsletter campaigns - after all they are really a special case of a lead nurture with no pre-defined end.  However, it does seem like there are some recommendations out there to set it up with each issue as it's own campaign. Please feel free to contribute your thoughts to that post.  I am very interested to hear opinions on this one.  This Chart of the Week campaign, for instance, is one campaign with 52 email steps, each year.

Content Marketing: No real surprise here, these are communications inviting people to get their hands on the latest thought leadership content that you are offering.  Very similar to the Advertising and PR bucket, as expected

Inbound Marketing: When customers raise their hand on your website to start a free trial, or request to be contacted, it seems you are creating some interesting multi-stage logic to handle the follow-up to this.

Customer & Partner:  A surprisingly small portion of your portfolio.  Some ideas here are renewal and upsell campaigns, as well as training and education nurture campaigns.

Surveys:  Another simple select and send campaign.

Lead Nurturing: The grandaddy of multi-stage campaigns, these involve sending a series of communications to your prospects to keep them warm until they raise their hand red-hot.  No wonder they have higher complexity, but a relatively low number of overall campaigns - creating interest-specific content is a tricky business.  But - don't forget that you can often re-use content from other campaigns, as well as add content as you go.  If you want to hear more, check out our Grande Guide to Lead Nurturing.



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