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Which Cities Are Leading Marketing Automation Adoption? [CHART]

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Author: Taha Sheikh

Its been a little over a year since we published our Chart of the Week looking at the top cities with the most expertise based on the number of people using Eloqua.  Since a lot can change in a year, we thought it’d be interesting to revisit the topic, this time looking at what cities have shown the most growth in marketing users.


We focused on cities with 50 or more Eloqua users in June 2011 and compared the corresponding user count in those same cities a year later. Interestingly almost half of the top 10 cities that have added the most marketing expertise in the last year are in California. San Jose leads the charge with an increase from 94 to 743 users, representing an astounding 690 percent growth rate over the course of a year. California in specific has been a hot spot for fast growing businesses and increasingly these businesses are picking Eloqua as their choice for marketing automation.

What kind of growth are you seeing in the Eloqua community in your own city?

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