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Which Industries Love Marketing Apps the Most? [CHART]

September 24, 2012 By: Contributor

Here at Eloqua we believe today and in the future companies require solutions that are specific to their industry - you can check out our Asset Management offering here. My wunderkind peer Jody Mooney did the number-crunching way back in June and determined that customers enjoy greater success in lead generation when using more apps from our AppCloud.

So we decided to revisit the data and see if there is a preponderance of app adoption by industry. We looked at two dimensions of the data - average app volume refers to the number of times an app is used across campaigns and app diversity reflects the number of different types used. Drum roll please...a few surprises came out of the data.


It’s no surprise that software vendors use both a diverse number of apps and in great quantities for their campaigns; but who knew that professional services and manufacturing would score nearly as high? We see an interesting cluster with healthcare, utilities, finance and insurance witnessing high value from a select few app types. Finally, for you app developers out there...we see a need by nonprofits for apps specific to their industry to help motivate adoption.

These findings may reflect simply that those particular industries have had more experience with Eloqua and AppCloud offerings.  Or that a particular industry is traditionally slower at employing technology. Regardless in Jody’s analysis we see the difference that additional apps can make. More apps=deeper understanding of buyers=more relevant campaigns=higher conversions!

Consider using an app for your next campaign and compare results! Click here to learn how.

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