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What marketers lost sight of over the summer

Steve Olenski
Master Principal Sales Architect

Schools bell ring across the land as kids all over the world head back to school. Visions of summer vacations dance in their heads and there's probably not a lot they remember from the previous school year.

The summer has that effect on people of all ages. It's not a sin by any means. It's human nature.

And marketers are human, too. So it's ok if some things got lost in the euphoria of a glorious summer adventure, vacation or getaway. It happens.

To help us all remember some of these things, we pulled together some of the brightest minds from the world of academia; the instructors and professors entrusted with teaching and guiding the future marketers of tomorrow.

Here's a sampling of what they had to say when asked what they thought was the #1 thing marketers may have lost sight of over the summer:

"We have seemingly created a digital divide between ourselves and our cMarkSchaefer_Print-5x7_lrustomers. We tend to treat people differently online than we would treat them in real life. We shout at them, peddle to them, and market to them online when all they really want to do is play Farmville. While people may avoid our selling efforts, they will be attracted to our helping efforts. 

Be human in your online presence, be helpful, and be honest. That's how business relationships form in real life and also online.” - Mark Schaefer, Marketing Consultant, College Educator And Author, Rutgers University

“Often new technology is either not embraced quickly enough by marketing organizations, or it is embraced and looked to as a ‘fix it all strategy’. Specifically I am seeing Social Media being looked to as a solution for far too many problems. Social Media is a tool for marketers; it is to be used in conjunction with other ‘marketing tools’ with a solid understanding of marketing first and foremost. The most successful marketing—regardless if it is social or not—revolves around market segmentation and a traditional marketing concept such as AIDA (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action.)

JessicaRogers_Print-5x7_lrYou have to get your customer’s Attention, build their Interest in your product, and convince them they want your offer by building Desire. Finally, the consumer will take Action and make a purchase. Social media can be a tool to accomplish all of this. In some ways, it can be a better, more efficient way, but again it is still just a tool in your marketing tool belt.

Traditional marketing and social media marketing must be integrated and nurtured in order to realize the full potential of a very powerful combo. Without fully integrating the two, businesses can take on great risks related to over-dependence on one or over-use of another. Businesses must define their strategy, roles, and expectations of social media before integration and implementation. They must also understand tactics are far different from strategies. Simply knowing how to use social platforms does not constitute ‘marketing’, social activity must be done with a marketing strategy in place, it must have some sort of rhyme or reason.” - Jessica Rogers, Coce Faculty, Graduate Social Media & Marketing, Southern New Hampshire University

Many More Lessons To Learn

That was, as I mentioned, a sampling of responses to the question and in fact is just one part of much larger, more encompassing Q&A we conducted with educators from some of the finest institutions in the world.

You can read the entire Q&A in The Marketer's Backpack, a brand new eBook that is truly  a great teaching tool that is a must for all marketers of all ages. We pulled together an array of some of the brightest teaching minds today to get their take on a number of different subjects surely to be near and dear to all marketers’ hearts.

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