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Marketer’s Guide to Mobile Marketing Orchestration

Steve Olenski
Master Principal Sales Architect

It's not exactly breaking news that the proliferation of mobile usage among essentially everyone in the free world has forever changed the world of marketing.

Mobile has completely changed the way we interact with the world, from the way we consume and spread information to the ways we work and interact with each other. It’s changed our behavior forever and raised our expectations for the brands we interact with.

The reason the above lines are in italics is because they are gleaned directly from our new eBook entitled New-School Marketer’s Guide to Mobile Marketing Orchestration. Download your copy here or by clicking on the image.

Mobile Guide Screen Cap

The guide provides a wealth of insight and knowledge for marketers who are looking to take full advantage of the new opportunities mobile marketing afford them.

Highlights from the guide include:

Mobile’s magic moment has arrived

The future is here and now. People are using their mobile phones and devices for essentially everything they do in the course of a given day. They are communicating, shopping,
searching, traveling, playing, reading, and discovering. In other words, they are living.

Consumer behavior is changing quickly

As a result of the aforementioned ways people are using their mobile devices their behavioral patterns are changing, too. Consumers are in total control. Empowered by the phone in their hands, consumers can fast-forward, delete, or tune out any messages they don’t like.

It’s all about the customer journey

Responding to this dramatic shift of power from marketers to consumers requires a fundamentally different approach to marketing: a move from a focus on single-channel marketing campaigns to a focus on the entire customer journey.

More tools in the mobile marketing toolbox

There is no shortage of mobile-related tools for marketers to implement. From mobile web to mobile email and from SMS to push notifications, among others, marketers today have many ways to engage with customers on their devices of choice.

Beware of the "S" word

In the race to fill up their marketing toolbox with new technologies, most marketers have implemented these channels in silos, resulting in a fragmented experience that can damage relationships with their very best customers.

Three mobile orchestration real-life examples

We'll share with you the following examples of mobile orchestration in action:

  1. Mobile communication from purchase to delivery
  2. The cross-sell and up-sell opportunity
  3. A personalized experience based on location

This is just the tip of the iceberg for there are a host of other valuable insights and data to glean from the guide including "6 steps for getting started with mobile orchestration".

Don't delay, download your copy today by clicking on the banner below.


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