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  • May 20, 2013

Find Out How Your Efforts Stack Up with the Modern Marketer Scorecard

Marketers are operating in an ever-evolving classroom. To compete for buyer's attention, marketers are expanding their strategies to deliver more focused, compelling customer communications that can be measured, refined, and mapped back to organizational objectives.

Our March 2013 research report, Defining the Modern Marketer: From Real to Ideal, points to the attributes that comprise the “Ideal Marketer” — a function that has evolved to demand attributes of the content, brand, and web marketer. Survey participates cited these three “marketer types” to sum up the responsibilities driving the current Modern Marketer role. But successful and comprehensive marketing stems far beyond those key roles, and incorporates a modern mix of strategy and technology.

The report also hones in on 5 core competencies driving Modern Marketing:

1. Marketing technology (CRM systems, marketing automation)

2. Targeting (refining and segmenting data)

3. Engagement (delivering value-based content through the right channels)

4. Analytics (measuring marketing effectiveness)

5. Conversion (tracking the prospect to customer journey)

These five marketing areas comprise the ideal Modern Marketer Scorecard. Out of a possible 100, the general consensus is that marketers rate themselves a 65 in overall Modern Marketing performance, according to the report. While marketers understand how important it is so up the ante on these strategic marketing initiatives, it can be challenging to do so.

Wondering how your efforts stack up? We’ve launched the Modern Marketer Scorecard, a fun way to measure the effectiveness of your marketing mix. The two-question poll gives you the opportunity to benchmark your efforts with your individual ‘Marketer Score’. You also can access to the new Modern Marketing Essentials Library, a place to study up, learn, enhance your strategy, and apply your skills to your team discussions. The Library features strategic content focused on the 5 Tenets of Modern Marketing, as well as Marketer Blueprint worksheets, to help you map out a plan for success with your teams.

The Marketer Blueprints help you think more strategically about the tools, technologies, and team members you are leveraging to accomplish your key objectives. By identifying the pain points, must-haves, and effective methods of your marketing, you can help get your organization on the fast track to success.

Check out the Modern Marketer Scorecard and access the Essentials Library today!


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