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  • October 17, 2014

Managing Digital Disruption: 12 Takeaways From Modern Marketing Experience Europe

Lauren Harper
Sr. Manager Social Marketing

The theme of “digital disruption” was a core part of the event agenda this week at Modern Marketing Experience Europe. Companies around the globe are beginning to recognize the incredible transformation that marketing as an industry is undergoing, and are hungry to learn how to keep up with and get ahead of this shift to establish and maintain more meaningful digital relationships.

“The world is changing because of social and mobile, and this is a huge transformation that all companies are going to have to go through,” said Jeff Henley, Vice Chairman of the Board at Oracle. “Most CEOs don’t know how to do it, but are recognizing [modern marketing] as an area of important investment.”

A critical notion of digital disruption requires companies to become customer-centric. As marketers, we need to increase personalization and targeting in order to create a better relationship with our customers. Better customer relationships translate to more revenue, which means we can more seamlessly hit our revenue goals and keep the C-Suite content. More importantly, we can sustain better businesses by serving our customers in helpful and supportive ways along their search and shopping journeys. But it’s clear we still have a long way to go. In our latest research with Forrester, we determined that only 1 in 9 marketers are truly modern marketers.

While many marketers are navigating these realities and improving on their abilities to build personas and better segmenting campaigns, many are still stuck blasting off messages in a disconnected, broadcasted manner. And that method doesn’t cut it for today’s consumer who demands personalization. It’s imperative that we start using the technologies available today to unify our customer data to better engage our buyers.

Here are some helpful takeaways from the conference this week on how modern marketers can strategically manage the realities of digital disruption:

1. Content: Be real, be brief, be great. Get out of your comfort zones. You need to set ambitious goals if you want to succeed as a modern marketer. –Eoin White, LinkedIn

2. Think holistically about the customer experience. Before you think about the channel, think about what the experience is that you’re trying to create on that channel. – Thomas Erichsen, Tivoli

3. Customers will be more excited and willing to provide you with data if they underderstand the value they are getting in return. Make it worth their while to interact with you and your content and web site. –Claudia Foster, Oracle Marketing Cloud

4. Email is not just a way of sending out your message and boosting performance – it’s also an indicator of your most valuable and engaged customers. Pay attention to those who interact with your emails on a regular basis. – Jessica Rose, Pets at Home

5. Omnichannel strategy also is about business development; it’s not a marketing project. -Thomas Erichsen, Tivoli

6. Just because you have a lot of data, doesn’t mean that you should go out and use it all at the same time. – Luci Rainey, Comcast

7. Don’t try to just be amazing all the time. Be useful, resourceful and educational. –Lee Jorgenson, Oracle Marketing Cloud

8. SlideShare should not be used to wedge your whitepaper into a 50-slide presentation. Be brief, educational, and of course, engaging. – Eoin White, LinkedIn

9. Partnership and teamwork are essential. Having the right technology partner/s is essential to winning. –Mark Gallagher, Formula 1

10. You don’t need a “digital strategy.” You need a business strategy for the digital age. – Matthew Tod, PwC

11. Unifying data is the key to unlocking revenue. –Jon Stanesby, Oracle

12. Forumla 1 is constantly testing, adjusting, and improving based on the real-time data they collect. Implement the same practices in your business. - David Coulthard

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