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Live Blogging the Eloqua Experience 2011 Keynote

Eloqua Experience 2011 is a big event. Does of track sessions, graduations, best practices. But don't forget the keynotes. A lot of people have been buzzing about the event all week. We're live blogging here so follow along.

8:32AM: Eloqua's CEO Joe Payne takes the stage. "I'm not wearing a crazy costume because we have content, folks."

8:36AM: Eloqua CMO, Brian Kardon, on stage. Marketing automation continues to grow, but penetration is still only between 8-10%. The people working  in it are on the cutting edge, Kardon says.


8:41AM: "This year was a major milestone in my family," Kardon says. "My wife, Barb, became an MQL (marketing qualified lead). Barb is stuck in the funnel, Kardon says. Ask crowd for help un-sticking her in the funnel.

8:44AM: Joe Payne back on stage.

8:46AM: The keynote is all about using social, mobile and apps to drive revenue, Payne says.

8:47AM: "We no longer have useless software anymore. If you don't want it, you just stop using it," Payne says.

8:50AM: The pace of change due to social and mobile has been dizzying, says Payne. The result is a change in the way we structure business. Need to move from Web-based to social-based.social-media-adoption

8:54AM: Payne: Digital body language isn't just about who you are and what you want anymore. "The third leg (of digital body language) is who you trust."

8:56AM "Content going forward is not just about having the right message to the right people," Payne says. "It will be about influencing who your customers trust."

8:57AM: Eloqua's Paul Teshima and Jim Williams take the stage. Demoing Eloqua Social Suite. Williams showing how marketers can do drag and drop social sign-on to landing pages.

9:02AM: Joe Payne returns to stage dressed as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in sweatshirt and shorts.

9:04AM: The share of mobile web traffic and mobile email viewing as doubled in the past year thanks to inventions like the Apple iPad, Payne says.

9:05AM: Williams is demoing the Eloqua for the iPad. Every dashboard and report available through Eloqua on a desktop is now available on the iPad, Williams says.

9:08AM: Payne returns to the stage. Pays tribute to Steve Jobs by asking everyone in the audience to hold up their Apple products. Almost whole room holds up a device.

9:11AM: In December, Eloqua Engage will be available on the iPad, on the Web through HTML5, and will be integrated in Salesforce.com.

9:15AM: There are tons of applications for marketers, but "they're all built as stovepipes," says Payne. "They don't talk to each other." Explains that customers will be able to easily integrate apps, like webinars, social media monitoring and data management, through Eloqua using the Eloqua AppCloud.

9:17AM: 20% of our customers are using apps within the Eloqua AppCloud with many using as many as 10 apps, Payne says.

9:20AM: Williams and Teshima demoing Eloqua AppCloud. Customers can now go to the site, look at various apps available and download them directly into their Eloqua application, Teshima says.

9:23AM: Payne back on stage. SaaS 2.0 is about "social, mobile and apps," Payne says.saas-209:25AM: Payne: "CEOs say the reason that marketing hasn't had the same seat at the table is because they don't bring the same KPIs to the table that the rest of organization brings."

9:30AM: Payne explains the 5 Revenue Performance Indicators: Value, Conversions, Reach, Velocity and Return. "Benchmarking is the thing that made CEOs jump out of their chairs" when we were doing research, Payne notes.


9:33AM: Williams and Teshima demo the Eloqua Revenue Suite. Most benchmarking is done through surveys and focus groups. But benchmarking is moving into the cloud, measuring conversions and pipeline in real-time, says Teshima.

9:38AM: Payne back on stage. Eloqua's growth is due to customers succeeding, he says. "We'll never pat you on the back and say there's nothing more you can do, you hit the plateau."

9:40AM: About a quarter of Eloqua customers are on Eloqua10 to date, Payne says. Large customers on Eloqua10 had a 166% increase in generating leads. Smaller customers on the platform had a more than 350% increase in leads, Payne says.

9:50AM: Payne says Eloqua10 was built using in HTML5 back when Apple was the only company writing software with it. "Eloqua is managing 6 billion transactions a day," Payne says.

9:52 AM: "We have doubled down on our education component," Payne says. Eloqua University now has 16 course and 11 full-time faculty.

9:53AM: Eloqua introduces Heather Foeh, Director of Customer Culture.


9:57AM: Foeh unveils the Customer Bill of Rights: context, consistency, clarity and continuity.

10:00AM: Payne returns to stage in a tuxedo to talk about the Eloqua Markie Awards.

10:04AM: The 41 companies using marketing automation across their entire global enterprise have three-time the revenue growth than the S&P 500, Payne says. The 27 customers implementing Revenue Performance Management outperformed the S&P 500 by five-times.

10:06AM: Payne shows clip from the Matrix. Returns dressed as characters from the movie.

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