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Are You Over Analyzing Your Lead Scoring? [CHART]

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Author: Contributor

Lead Scoring is becoming an industry standard for ensuring marketing and sales agree on what qualifies as a lead.

Taking agreed upon profile and engagement criteria for qualified leads, you can input this information into lead scoring, which helps you understand a buyer’s decision-making status within the context of how engaged that buyer is with your marketing efforts. Typically, a lead’s profile is scored A through D while a leads engagement is scored 1 through 4. Put together you get a lead score, say, an “A3” for someone who fits the ideal buyer type but hasn’t engaged with you much yet.

When you identify criteria for your lead scoring, you’ll want to comprehend how that gets distributed across your marketing database. The majority of leads will be low quality in need of nurturing. But you’ll want to confirm that you also have high quality leads that are ready for sales.lead-scoring

We looked at customers who have implemented lead scoring and found that less than half have a single "perfect" lead with a score of A1. Compare that to the over 80% who have leads scored as D4, the least qualified of the bunch.

The problem: Over analyzing what to score on can lead to a scoring matrix that is too strict, resulting in not enough leads making it over the wall to sales.

Remember to start simple and re-evaluate your scoring efforts every four to six months. Look at your distribution of lead scores across your database and collect feedback from sales on how accurate scoring has been when following up. For more information on lead scoring, check out Eloqua's Lead Scoring Grande Guide.

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