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  • July 19, 2012

4 Ways To Organically Capture Attention and Leads from SEO

If your goal is generating top of funnel leads, then you're likely using a variety of tactics - content, events, webinars, etc. Few tactics are as effective and efficient as the website.

So optimizing your website is probably a priority. And when that's a priority, the mind turns to title tags, meta tags, page descriptions - all the stuff that makes your site show up in a buyer's Google search. But with all the rounds of changes Google has made to their search algorithm recently, meta tags are less important than the quality of your content, who is sharing it, and whether it's earning links.

For relevancy’s sake, Google is focused on content. You cannot pummel your meta keywords with strategic words and phrases if the page has nothing to do to support them. If you are using organic search to strategically build awareness and lead generation, here are 4 things you can do today:

1. Start Answering Questions
People who search for long-tail keywords are more likely to be further along in the buying process. Chances are they are seeking an answer to a direct question. Research the questions your buyers are asking. Then build pages on your site, or start a blog, and start answering these questions.

2. Make the Call to Action Obvious
I often see companies who optimize their home pages or product pages, but neglect to institute a conversion point. Do you really want someone to search for something, land on your page, read your content and then leave? Ensure your call-to-action is visible. Use your sidebars and horizontal navigation to promote offers or upcoming webinars.

3. Get Outside Links
We've heard the buzz about influencers. I would even venture to guess you have a list of them for your industry. Google scores sites higher based on who is linking to them. You don't want put your site in every farm link. The best way to start earning links is by reading other blogs and digesting others' content, and commenting on it. Over time you'll earn their respect and trust, and they'' link back to the content you produce.

4. Use Internal Links
This is not something people typically think about. You have a few hundred pages on your site full of content so use them! If you are writing about a topic, find a relevant page and include a hyperlink to supporting text.

Are you using SEO to fill your funnel? How is it working out for you?

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